NWA Starrcade 1989: Future Shock Review

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Starrcade 1989 review, which is the final Starrcade review of the 1980s. As we approach the halfway point, I am presented with a show that seems fairly hopeless. It is a show of two tournaments, which means all the wrestlers will be worn down from wrestling earlier in the night. Each tournament, one singles and one tag team, was round robin, where a pin or submission was worth 20 points, a countout is worth 15 points, a DQ is worth 10 points, a draw is worth 5 points, and a loss is worth 0 points. The competitors in the singles tournament are Sting, Ric Flair, Lex Luger, and The Great Muta (!!!), while the tag competitors are Doom, The Road Warriors, The Steiner Brothers, and The New Wild Samoans, who are replacing the Skyscrapers due to injury. Both tourneys have talent, but I am not confident they will be able to put on good matches consistently. Anyway, lets get on with the show!

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NWA Starrcade 1988: True Gritt Review

Starrcade 88 Logo

Hello everyone and welcome to the Starrcade 1988 review! This card is freaking stacked. Every match had potential to be, at least good, and this will hopefully be a better, more consistent card than any of the prior shows. A trend in these Starrcades has been slowly moving away from a territory supercard, and, instead, having this show be solely a Jim Crockett Promotions card. That allows cards to be shorter, matches to get more time, and most subpar wrestler’s to be left out. Some matches, like Lugar vs. Flair or the Midnight Express vs. the Original Midnight Express, have the opportunity to be classics, so I hope this show doesn’t disappoint. Anyhow, let’s get this underway.

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NWA Starrcade 1987: Chi-Town Heat Review


Hello everyone, and welcome to my Starrcade 1987 review! Well, this came out way later than I wanted it to. As I’ve said a million times before, I’m really busy, and these reviews take time I don’t really have. That’s why, starting in September, I’m going to use my stockpile of RMR reviews so this site has some content. I want to put out something every 2 weeks, but absolutely no promises. I will still do WWE PPV reviews every month, but Starrcade might take up to 2 months to do sometimes.

Now, about Starrcade 1987. This show seems like an odd one. There are fewer matches, and most matches are longer, which could either cause matches to have great stories, or be a boring slog. Also, most matches have talented wrestlers saddled with worse talent, and that may cause a lack of 4*+ matches. This is all speculation before watching, though, and I hope it exceeds my expectations. Anyway, on to the review!

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NWA Starrcade 1986: The Night of the Skywalkers Review


Hello everyone and welcome to my Starrcade 1986 review! I just looked at the card and wow. There is pretty much nothing to look forward to. The undercard has been getting progressively worse since Starrcade 1983, and the trend doesn’t seem to be stopping here. There is an Andersons vs. Rock & Roll Express match, that cannot be under 3*, and Ric Flair is talented. Other than that, it’s a pretty bland card. Lets dive right in…

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NWA Starrcade 1985: The Gathering Review


Hello everyone and welcome to the Starrcade 1985 review. I haven’t heard much about this show, but I am über excited to watch. I saw Magnum TA vs. Tully Blanchard a few years back and gave it 5*, so I can’t wait to see it again. Also, this show had the Flair vs. Rhodes rematch, which I enjoyed last year. Overall, it looks like its going to be a good show. Lets get started!

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NWA Starrcade 1984: The Million Dollar Challenge Review

Hello everyone and welcome to the Starrcade 1984 review. This is the second review in my Starrcade review series, and I’m excited. I heard this show isn’t very good, but I’m curious to see Dusty Rhodes wrestle, as I’ve never seen a match of his, and I heard that Steamboat vs. Blanchard is ****+. Without further ado, lets dive in!


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NWA Starrcade 1983: A Flair for the Gold Review

Hello everyone and welcome to my WCW Starrcade review!!! Instead of watching Payback (because I misses a good bit of it), I decided to be productive and start this damn review series already. I’m sorry it took so long for me to get this out. I was busy with homework and such. Anyway, I’ve never seen this before, so I’m definitely excited! Lets begin!

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