My Journey Through NJPW’s Golden Age – Kazuchika Okada: The Rise of the Ace Part 1

Hello everyone and welcome to My Journey Through NJPW’s Golden Age! To me, this “Golden Age” I’m speaking of starts with the meteoric rise of Kazuchika Okada (starting at this match) and stretches to (at the time of writing this) the present. Currently, my masterlist of matches to review is here, so check it out and suggest important matches I missed. I will be adding modern matches periodically, and hopefully I can eventually make it to the present. New Japan has always been a glaring blind spot for me (even though some of my favorite matches are from there) so I’m very excited to watch the biggest moments in order. Anyway, lets begin!

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Kazuchika Okada NB 12

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Random Match Roundup #9

Hello everyone and welcome to Random Match Roundup #9! This is where I review 5 random matches from anytime and anywhere for you’re enjoyment. To suggest matches, contact my twitter and email listed here. Anyway, lets get these reviews underway.

Ishii vs. Goto

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January 2015 Month in Review

Hello everyone! Welcome to January 2015 in Review. This is where I look back at the previous month and talk about what I watched. This started as a Random Match Roundup, but I felt it would be best as another series entirely. Next month I hope to have this be more of an article. Now on to the matches!


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