NXT Takeover: London Review

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Hello everyone and welcome to the NXT Takeover: London review! This is looking to be one hell of a show, with a great UK crowd and some awesome matches. It is so refreshing to see a show under the WWE banner with so much hype that probably won’t be bad. There are logical storylines, good characters, and no bullshit finishes. I cannot wait another second for this show to begin, so lets get the review underway.

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NXT Episode 304 Review

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            Hello everyone and welcome to the NXT Episode 304 review! As you can tell from my PWG review, I have been itching to break away from my usual review subjects and do something new. This is why I am reviewing this episode. I was convinced to watch it because of some rave reviews I had read, but really I just want a breath of fresh air writing about an hour of wrestling from a place I have not reviewed enough. To be honest, I haven’t kept up with NXT TV since February, and have only had time to watch the WWE Network specials. I wanted to rectify that to a certain degree, especially since I planned to do this when this site was first created, and I have improved so much since then. Overall, with the recent debut of James Storm in NXT and a pretty cool main event, I cannot wait to start this. Lets get the review underway!

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