Random Match Roundup #15: 2016 Catchup Edition

Hello everyone and welcome to my first article in about 6 months! To give a short explanation of my absence, I got burnt out on wrestling and then my computer broke. To make up for it, I have reviewed 20 (YES 20!) of the most talked about matches from all circles of wrestling that I have missed this year. Lets stop the talk and get the review underway!

Will Ospreay vs. Ricochet.png

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PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2015 Stage 1 Review

PWG Battle of Los Angeles Logo

Hello everyone and welcome to my PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2015 Stage 1 Review! I got my hands on BOLA this year and thought, what the hell, might as well review it. I have heard this is a fantastic tournament with multiple 4*+ matches that I cannot wait to watch. Lets get this review underway!

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NXT Takeover: Respect Review

Takeover Respect Logo

            Hello everyone and welcome to my NXT Takeover: Respect review! Sorry this review wasn’t out last night, but the play I was in got in the way of watching this. In my opinion this could turn out to be the weakest Takeover yet, with many of the undercard matches not looking like they could be 4*+. That isn’t saying this show won’t be good, but compared to other Takeovers, this may be a comparatively weak show. I have no doubt this will be good however, as talent like Finn Bálor, Samoa Joe, Apollo Crews, Asuka, etc. can have good matches in their sleep, so lets see what this show has in store!

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WWE Night of Champions 2015 Review

Night of Champions Logo

Hello everyone and welcome to the WWE Night of Champions 2015 review! I have pretty neutral expectations for this show; it could be very good or quite awful. The undercard actually is pretty stacked, with Ryback vs. Kevin Owens & New Day vs. The Dudley Boyz being potential standouts. However, Rollins vs. Sting could suck something fierce and Rusev vs. Ziggler having completely awful booking. Really, all I hope is that the booking on this show doesn’t make me dead on the inside, and the wrestling is solid to very good. Anyway, on to the show!

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Random Match Roundup #8

Hello and welcome to Random Match Roundup #8! I am sorry but I have decided to cancel my Summerslam review, since it has been such a long time since the show, and it would be so outdated. I also assume you guys want Starrcade reviews more than random WWE PPV reviews, so this cancelation will clear some time for that. Don’t worry, if you are so curious to see my thoughts on Summerslam, I will probably put some matches in a future RMR down the line. Anyway, lets dive in to our first match!

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NWA Starrcade 1987: Chi-Town Heat Review


Hello everyone, and welcome to my Starrcade 1987 review! Well, this came out way later than I wanted it to. As I’ve said a million times before, I’m really busy, and these reviews take time I don’t really have. That’s why, starting in September, I’m going to use my stockpile of RMR reviews so this site has some content. I want to put out something every 2 weeks, but absolutely no promises. I will still do WWE PPV reviews every month, but Starrcade might take up to 2 months to do sometimes.

Now, about Starrcade 1987. This show seems like an odd one. There are fewer matches, and most matches are longer, which could either cause matches to have great stories, or be a boring slog. Also, most matches have talented wrestlers saddled with worse talent, and that may cause a lack of 4*+ matches. This is all speculation before watching, though, and I hope it exceeds my expectations. Anyway, on to the review!

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NWA Starrcade 1985: The Gathering Review


Hello everyone and welcome to the Starrcade 1985 review. I haven’t heard much about this show, but I am über excited to watch. I saw Magnum TA vs. Tully Blanchard a few years back and gave it 5*, so I can’t wait to see it again. Also, this show had the Flair vs. Rhodes rematch, which I enjoyed last year. Overall, it looks like its going to be a good show. Lets get started!

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