My Journey Through NJPW’s Golden Age – Kazuchika Okada: The Rise of the Ace Part 1

Hello everyone and welcome to My Journey Through NJPW’s Golden Age! To me, this “Golden Age” I’m speaking of starts with the meteoric rise of Kazuchika Okada (starting at this match) and stretches to (at the time of writing this) the present. Currently, my masterlist of matches to review is here, so check it out and suggest important matches I missed. I will be adding modern matches periodically, and hopefully I can eventually make it to the present. New Japan has always been a glaring blind spot for me (even though some of my favorite matches are from there) so I’m very excited to watch the biggest moments in order. Anyway, lets begin!

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Kazuchika Okada NB 12

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Random Match Roundup #18: My Journey Through Wrestlemania Weekend 2017

Hello and welcome to Random Match Roundup #18! Here is where I review 5 random matches, but in this special article all of the matches are from Wrestlemania Weekend this year. I tried to watch a bizarre and diverse array of matches, and maybe I will return to this weekend more with some more reviews. Anyhow, lets begin!

Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho

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My Journey Through 1990s AJPW – Part 1: The Beginning

Hello everyone and welcome to my return to 1990s AJPW! I have decided to change the format of this review series a bit in comparison to the prologue. Each post will only have one or at most two matches being reviewed, and instead of the long form reviews I did in the Prologue, I will just be doing normal reviews. Also, the prologue is done and is unlisted. I might journey through 1980s All Japan at some point, but not now. Anyway, on to the review!

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NXT Takeover: Toronto Review


            Hello and welcome to my NXT Takeover: Toronto Review! There is quite a bit of hype surrounding this show, which is why I chose to review it. Sadly, it took me a while to watch this whole show, so it’s a tad outdated. Whatever! It seems like a pretty stacked card and I’m excited to dive in. Lets get started!

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Random Match Roundup #15: 2016 Catchup Edition

Hello everyone and welcome to my first article in about 6 months! To give a short explanation of my absence, I got burnt out on wrestling and then my computer broke. To make up for it, I have reviewed 20 (YES 20!) of the most talked about matches from all circles of wrestling that I have missed this year. Lets stop the talk and get the review underway!

Will Ospreay vs. Ricochet.png

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WWE Wrestlemania 32 Review

Wrestlemania 32 Logo.png

Hello everyone and welcome to my Wrestlemania 32 review! This has the potential to be quite good, with matches like Ambrose vs. Lesnar being standouts. However, the booking of matches like Shane vs. ‘Taker and Reigns vs. Triple H could suck something fierce. With all that said, let’s get this underway!

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