Random Match Roundup #18: My Journey Through Wrestlemania Weekend 2017

Hello and welcome to Random Match Roundup #18! Here is where I review 5 random matches, but in this special article all of the matches are from Wrestlemania Weekend this year. I tried to watch a bizarre and diverse array of matches, and maybe I will return to this weekend more with some more reviews. Anyhow, lets begin!

Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho

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WWE Wrestlemania 32 Review

Wrestlemania 32 Logo.png

Hello everyone and welcome to my Wrestlemania 32 review! This has the potential to be quite good, with matches like Ambrose vs. Lesnar being standouts. However, the booking of matches like Shane vs. ‘Taker and Reigns vs. Triple H could suck something fierce. With all that said, let’s get this underway!

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Wrestlemania XXXI Preview

WrestleMania XXXI Preview


Welcome to my preview of the biggest show in wrestling this year. On this show, WWE wants to make a new star, two icons fight in a match that would have been better years ago, Undertaker returns after losing the streak like nothing happened, and Daniel Bryan is shoved in a worthless multi-man ladder match. Here are my predictions for what I’m going to look for in the show.

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