Random Match Roundup #17

Hello everyone and welcome to Random Match Roundup #17! This is the series where I review 5 random matches from anytime, anywhere. Lets not dilly dally; lets get underway.


Sting vs. AJ Styles – TNA Bound for Glory 2009

            While this wasn’t the best match, I appreciate the effort from both guys. Sting was obviously struggling during this match, as he avoided taking bumps as much as possible, and when he did it looked like it really hurt him. Even though he was having trouble in this match, Sting still took a really nasty bump off a stinger splash into the guardrail. Also, because of Sting’s limitation, they worked a rather slow pace, but they still packed in some solid, if basic action. Really, for me at least, while the action wasn’t amazing and Sting was limited, it was a very fun match partly because of the story and partly because of how good these two guys are. The story was very basic, simple, and well executed. Essentially, both guys respect each other and want to wrestle a sportmanly match. This adds some layers to the match, and allows a little stalling because, for example, they would wait for someone on the outside of the ring to recover before going on the attack. Also, Sting wanted to pass the torch to AJ, so this was essentially Stings last stand, which added some real emotion to the match. So not only was the psychology solid, but it helped mask the limitations of someone like Sting. Also, both guys are just so good that they can make this basic match with a rather slow pace fun. They made every move seem impactful, from a snap suplex to a springboard forearm strike, and sold everything well. They really did a stellar job masking the shortcomings of this match and trying to make them into positives. The only real issues are, firstly, a bit of sloppiness and, secondly, a very flat finish. The match built well to a big time finish that never came and, while Sting could not take a Styles Clash, they could have done something better than a springboard splash. This match could have used five more minutes to pay off this slow building match and really put a sense of finality in the finish. While the finish was an anticlimax and made it feel like the match built to nothing, the build was fun and assuredly worth the time to watch.

Rating: ***¼


Scott Steiner vs. Diamond Dallas Page – Falls Count Anywhere Match – WCW Greed 2001

            This match was very well done considering it was the last WCW PPV main event and WCW was pretty much dead by this point. The effort here was clear, and the attempt to get Steiner over huge as a monster heel is greatly appreciated. This made some decent use of the falls count anywhere stipulation, as the match began with outside brawling, but after that it was pretty much just a normal match. The outside brawling was fun though, as they used trash cans, crutches, and even a vinyl record from Paul London. Also, Steiner got some decent heel spots in there, as both the crutches and the record were stolen from “fans”. Too bad the crowd didn’t really pop or anything, but whatever. Its WCW 2001. Then, in ring, Steiner just killed DDP with all of his spots, while DDP made sparse comebacks. Steiner got put over huge here, as he pretty much dominated DDP until the bell. Also, DDP’s comebacks were timed well and got some nice pops. However, one huge flaw is that, down the stretch, everyone forgot this was no DQ, as there was ref distraction for interference and cheating, rope breaks, and a ref bump. Why was there a ref bump in a no DQ match? Its no DQ! Regardless, while annoying, these spots weren’t too distracting and the finish itself looked really cool. I’m still sort of sad WCW died because there was potential shown in the last few days of the company. Sadly it was all for nothing, though, as this was the last WCW PPV match ever.

Rating: **¾


Tama Tonga vs. Kazuchika Okada – NJPW Road to Wrestling Dontaku 2014 Day 1

            Tama Tonga impresses in a pretty nothing match. This never really got out of first gear, as it didn’t go very long and was on a “Road to” show. Okada was not putting too much effort in, so the weight of this match was placed mostly on Tama Tonga’s shoulders, and he did okay. Okada was clearly better, but Tonga was able to keep up, and hold his own. His heat segment was never too boring, and his unique demeanor added some nice flavor to the standard NJPW match. Down the stretch they put together a few nifty counters, but it never was anything great. This match succeeded at being a house show match that doesn’t offend anyone, but it isn’t too much more than that.

Rating: **½


Justice Pain vs. Jerry Lynn – CZW Out With the Old, In With the New 2002

            While the booking and finer execution was a bit sloppy, overall this match was pretty fun. The story was simple and served to tie spots together, but it overall was solid and fun. It was essentially the older guard vs. the younger guard, with Jerry showing his experience with control early and Justice getting offense as the match went on. The action was very similar to the story, pretty good but nothing overly amazing. There were some cool sequences and it was obviously fun, as Lynn is one of the best pure workers ever, but both Jerry’s ring rust and Justice’s mediocrity held it back a bit. Jerry had just come back from injury, and it showed, as he was sloppy and botched a little. However, a larger issue was Pain. He is far from bad, but he is also far from amazing. While he never botched very obviously, little sloppy moments hindered the fast paced wrestling. Also, some of the sequences seemed a bit choreographed and the timing was a bit off. On top of all this negativity, there is the finish, which was a huge downer. The interference was a bit sad, but understandable, but the no selling of a finisher and the confusing state of the CZW World Title, which wasn’t on the line somehow, really tapered the finishing stretch. While it may sound like I shat all over the match, it was fun action and Jerry Lynn is never bad.

Rating: ***¼


Cremator Von Slasher vs. Nolan James – PWA 09/23/16

Dear God, I though with a guy named Cremator Von Slasher this match couldn’t be boring. I was wrong. From bell to almost bell this match was all heat segment, with Von Slasher in control. Now, I wouldn’t mind the big, scary monster getting tons of offense if it is in any way compelling, but Cremator is so boring I can’t handle it. He does some okay stuff, like some sidewalk slams and chokeslams, but the majority of the heat was either standing around like a dumbass or using moves like Irish whips, choking, and CLAW HOLDS. Yes, CLAW HOLDS in 2016. A move even worse than the bearhug and the nerve hold, yet it is still used by shitty wrestlers everywhere. This horrific heat segment lasted somewhere around ten minutes, which would be excessive if the wrestling was good. It was really bad. Also, I nearly forgot to mention the ref distraction spots, which sucked. The distractions pretty much consisted of going “what is that”, pointing in a random direction, and the ref going “let me take my eyes off the match and look at that arbitrary point.” Then, James got the comeback in the last minute or two of the match and it was so bad. It’s pretty much summed up by James’ first move of the comeback, where he is supposed to hit a diving something, but he under-rotates, lands on his head, and nearly breaks his neck. Nice work. Then, to top it off, the finish, because of this terrible ref, is totally screwed up. Now, it was supposed to be a ref bump, which is pretty bad regardless. However, the ref for some reason doesn’t bump when he gets hit, so he has to watch the cheating and let it slide, ruining the finish in the process. He had one fucking job, bump when the ref bump should happen, and he messed it up royally. How can this match exist? Please, for the love of anything good, don’t watch this. It’s really, really bad.

Rating: DUD

So that was the Random Match Roundup #17! I’m very happy you took the time to check this review out. I’ve continued chipping away at both Rivalries and Starrcade, but I am getting busier, so won’t be able to keep this density of posts up sadly. Anyways, check out new updates and such here, and check out some of my other writings at freeprowrestling.com. If you want to contact me, check here. Otherwise, like, comment, share, or do whatever else you want to do. Thank you for reading and see you next time!

-Terrance Smith



  1. I like these random match reviews. I’m often guilty of only watching great matches, which dilutes the greatness of them, as I have nothing bad to compare them to.

    How do you decide on the matches to watch?

    Liked by 1 person


    1. I’m glad you enjoy it! 🙂 To choose matches I usually just find random wrestlers, promotions, etc. in http://www.cagematch.net/ and look up wrestlers based on what fun stuff I find, or I search wrestlers I like or know of to find some cool matches from them. I have a crazy long word document with a ton of match links from those searches, so I’ll just choose links at random until one interests me. Then I review it, put it into my stockpile of match reviews, and post a RMR with an assortment of old reviews I have.



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