Random Match Roundup #14

Hello everyone! I am back from hiatus with a new Random Match Roundup. This is the segment where I review 5 random matches from anytime, anywhere. Without further ado, let’s get underway…

Necro Butcher vs. Samoa Joe.png

Necro Butcher vs. Samoa Joe – IWA Mid South Something To Prove

            There are stiff matches, there are hardcore matches, there are brutal, violent matches, and then there is this. This surpasses any label, like stiff or hardcore, because those terms are too soft for a match like this. This match right here is an anomaly where all conventional wrestling critique is not enough. There is the amazing styles clash of US strong style and US deathmatch wrestling, which blend quite effectively to make this match. There is the feud, with Necro bullying some ROH trainees and Joe getting his revenge, which adds context to the brutality. There is a simple story, where both guys throw everything at each other until one either gets defeated, killed, or maybe both. There is amazing commentary, which perfectly builds upon the story of the match, adds to the atmosphere, and gives some comic relief during the brutality. There is all that which can be described, but then there is just something else; something the viewer feels that puts this above and beyond. While some matches have effort and “great workrate”, this is the epitome of wrestlers’ putting their bodies on the line for the audience. That adds something to this match that analysis cannot quantify. On top of all this, there is one point that puts this above and beyond as one of, if not the greatest pure brawl of all time; this match feels like a real fight more than everything else. Not everything is crisp and not everything works perfectly, but in a real fight, shit would go wrong. If you tried for a powerslam in a real brawl, you might just drop your opponent onto his forehead. Everything in this match works to make this one of the best brawls in history. I never want to see a match like this again, and that is the best praise I can give the match. I am so glad this match exists, but I hope no one tries to recreate this for his or her own good. Overall, this can be easily found online and is the quintessential brawl. Watch this now.

Rating: ****¾

Razor Ramon vs. Jeff Hardy.png

Razor Ramon vs. Keith Davis (Jeff Hardy) – WWF Monday Night RAW #66

            This was just a squash match as you would expect. Hardy was very young in his career at this point, so the fact that he was just a jobber to the stars should not be a huge shock. Razor essentially just ran through all his spots, wore down Hardy a bit, and then hit his finish and won. While there were a few cool spots, like a top rope back suplex, it was essentially a squash match that went too long. For god’s sake, it went over 4 minutes and Hardy didn’t hit 1 move at all. Not even a punch. The novelty of the match does make this sort of cool, but it is nothing that needs to be watched.

Rating: *

Sushi vs. Soma Takao.png

Sushi vs. Soma Takao – Junior Battle of Glory Block A Match – AJPW Excite Series 2016 Day 1

            While I started out thinking this would only be a compitent undercard match, the last portion of the match made it something I would recommend. The first part, while good, had nothing really exciting or innovative about it. It followed the heat segement formula to a t, with it starting with action before Soma takes control. The action here, while solid, had nothing standout or memorable, There were a few cool spots, like when Soma vaulted over the top and hit Roman Reigns’ dropkick or, while turing over Sushi into a half crab, Soma kicking Sushi in the back, but, again, none of these spots put this above and beyond an average match. On top of this, both guys struggled with the impact of their moves, as some looked great while others needed work. This struggle was perfectly exemplified when Soma hit 4 forearms mid way through, and the forearms alternated between impactful and as weak as Baron Corbin’s. With all this, I was ready to mark this down as a totally unmemorable match by Sushi’s comeback, but that soon changed. The finish to this match blew me away! While it’s not perfect or amazing, the action here was very fun and everything was executed well. It had a good balance of reversals, rollups, impactful moves, and nearfalls, making it something cool. The finishing stretch just kept getting better, to the point where the crowd came alive and began buying into the nearfalls. One flaw, however, is a slightly anticlimactic finish, but this finishing stretch still over delivered greatly. Although this may not be a must watch MOTYC, if you have 9 minutes to spare this is a very fun way to fill it.

Rating: **¾

Big E vs. Titus O'Neil.png

Big E vs. Titus O’Neil – WWE Superstars Episode 262

            This was a pretty solid match, especially for such a small show. Both of these guys are large, intimidating men, and they were not afraid to use their size to their advantage. While I had some worries Big E would just squash Titus, those worries were quickly put to rest as the older Titus slipped into the role of a veteran heel teaching a young babyface a lesson. While this doesn’t get to the levels a Shinjiro Otani vs. Young Lion match would, Titus was not afraid to work a bit snug with Big E. He controlled much of this short match and did not hesitate to add some extra impact to every strike. While this match was good in building up to the babyface comback, Big E did not put in much effort during the comeback and it had little fire. Also, the comeback was too short to really become anything more than generic. Although Titus did a solid job during the heat building to the finish and being a veteran heel, the comeback left something to be desired and kept this match from its full potential.

Rating: **½

Mistico vs. Jushin Liger.png

Jushin Liger vs. Mistico – CMLL Domingos De Coliseo 09/20/09

            I wish this dream match was a bit better than it turned out to be. The match started off hot in the first fall, with Liger trying to attack Mistico before the bell, and Mistico hitting a beautiful asai moonsault, but then Liger took control, and essentially squashed Mistico the entire second fall and most of the third fall. While Liger is a legend and was able to make the destruction entertaining, Mistico getting destroyed for that long did get mundane after a while. Liger did show some overconfidence and cockiness throughout, though, which allowed Mistico some offense, but the really good stuff didn’t come until the end of the third fall. Mistico was able to mount a comeback after being beaten down for a while, and for the last five or so minutes of the match they had some great back and forth. Mistico looked very crisp, and Liger did well for himself as well. I just wish the first twenty minutes were as good as the last few minutes, because then we would have something very good on our hands.

Rating: **¾

 So that was Random Match Roundup #14! If you enjoyed, like, comment, and maybe even follow my blog. If you want to keep up with this site, my contacts and social media are here or in the sidebar to the left. Also, check out my work at Free Pro Wrestling, which is a great site where I and people more talented than I write about great, legal, free matches. I have decided that the AJPW 90s review series will not be put out regularly, as it takes too much work in a short amount of time. Therefore, Starrcades will come out more regularly, and the AJPW reviews will come out rarely. That is the best way to put out content for me. Other than that, thank you for reading and see you next time.

-Terrance Smith

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