Random Match Roundup #13

Hello everyone and welcome to the Random Match Roundup #13! This is the segment where I review 5 random matches from anytime, anywhere. We have a very interesting lineup today, so lets get it underway!

Bryan Danielson vs. Jon Moxley.png

Bryan Danielson vs. Jon Moxley – DGUSA Way of the Ronin 2010

            This match is the perfect example of a great match. It played off the story coming in, showed one wrestler’s great, diverse talents, and put over the other, less established talent over like a star. This match was a brawl from the beginning, as it needed to be. After a promo where Jon Moxley (AKA Dean Ambrose) says he want Danielson’s head on a stick, chain wrestling wouldn’t work that well. I also love how this was a brawl from minute one, with Danielson storming the ring and beginning to brawl with eachother. Bryan gets the upper hand early, but since a brawl is in the wheelhouse of Moxley, he soon overtakes Danielson. The Moxley heat segment was tremendous, with Moxley gaining control via a ring post head slam, Bryan blading, and Moxley focusing on striking and scraping at Danielson’s head to aggravate the wound. Then, after the Danielson comeback, the match kicks into an epic gear and causes an abolutely tremendous closing five minutes. Moxley, after doing some work on the arm earlier, goes back to it twice, but since the arm work wasn’t the hugest part of the match, both attempts failed. While the middle of the match was focused on putting Moxley over as a great wrestler on offense, the ending showed that he could trade bombs with and withstand the best of one of the indies’ biggest stars. The suspense in the nearfalls was huge, with both men throwing everything at each other, and Moxley showed toughness by taking everything Danielson had. On top of all this, great, crisp move execution and stiff striking adds even more intensity and makes this an even better brawl. This is everything a great brawl should be, intense and not overly choreographed, while also being everything a great match should be, focused and purposeful.

Rating: ****

The Hurricanen vs. AJ Styles.png

The Hurricane vs. AJ Styles – WWF Jakked 01/26/02

            This was a surprisingly fun, novel match, especially for where it took place. Even though this was AJ’s debut in the WWF, he got plenty of offense and time to shine. He not only hit all his moves picture perfect, but he showed both athleticism and personality. At points he would mock and taunt Hurricane and his gimmick, which added a lot to this brief encounter. While AJ did a great job in this match, The Hurricane was pretty unspectacular and it felt like he was going through the motions. He hit all his moves well and played up his gimmick, but nothing was overly inspired or exciting. Overall, this was a brief, above average match that’s worth a watch.

Rating: **½

Kaz Hayashi vs. Ruckus.png

Ruckus vs. Kaz Hayashi – AJPW Keiji Mutoh 20th Anniversary Tour Day 6

            This is honest to god one of the oddest matchups I’ve ever seen, but it actually worked well. The match started off good with some fun, if standard, arm wringer and test of strength spots, but picked up some steam with a crazy kick sequence that looked like it could have been in an action movie. However, the pace slows mid way through with some legwork from Hayashi that really goes nowhere. The finish does pick up the pace, but it is neither long enough or action packed enough to make up for the middle. While the match may not sound all that special, Hayashi puts in a world class performance playing one of the subtlest heels I have ever seen. He is never over the top, but he builds sympathy for Ruckus by always being just a little better and one step ahead. Ruckus tries for combacks to even the odds, but since Hayashi is just that much better he remains in control. This allows Ruckus to make comebacks and get the crowd behind him, which works supremely well. While the match itself may not have been spectacular, Hayashi shows that he is a world class performer with a great performance.

Rating: **¾

Chris Candido vs. Jerry Lynn.png

Chris Cadido vs. Jerry Lynn – NWA Grandslam I

            I enjoyed both these guys and many aspects of this match, but there is one pretty big issue I cannot ignore. As for the positives, the story of this match mixed with the nice performances made this match an overall success. The story was that Candido was a tremendous wrestler, and controlled most of the match, yet his cockiness was his achillis heel. This was made better by Candido’s great performance as the cocky heel. He never was anything except cocky, and showed this through laxadazical pins, mouthng off, and taunting. Lynn, to his credit, did well in his spot, even though his role wasn’t one designed to be impressive. He was good at selling and when he was on offense, he always did stuff that was spectacular at the time, even if it isn’t as impressive 23 years later. With all this, this match must be great, right? Not exactly. While I have many nitpicks throughout, most glaringly a horribley botched sit-out powerbomb, the biggest issue is Candido’s selling. He would take a spectacular or brutal move, but then he would pop up before Lynn does. Lynn does tremendous selling exhaustion, which actually is a detriment in this situation since it further exposes Candido’s abysmal selling. He did this at two vital points, one after a suplex on the floor and one after a crossbody near the finish. While there are more examples, those are the worst cases, especially the suplex one. That move was pretty brutal, but the fact that Candido popped right back up and struck Lynn before Lynn could even get up was infuriating. This definitely does not outway all the positives of this match, but it dampers an otherwise vey fun match.

Rating: ***¼

Shane Douglas & Brian Pillman  vs. Ron Simmons & 2 Cold Scorpio .png

Shane Douglas & Brian Pillman (w/ Sherri Martel) vs. Ron Simmons & 2 Cold Scorpio – ECW Hardcore TV 12/06/12

            This is a very unique matchup, but unique doesn’t mean its good. While there was some action that looked very good, especially between Scorpio & Pillman, the match was pretty much unwatchable for a number of reasons. The primary reason is that this match was clipped to shit, so I never saw more than 5 consecutive minutes and mostly them were ten second clips. While this could be a positive decision for pure entertainment purposes, it makes this match completely unrateable, and I really don’t feel like I even watched it. Also, Douglas and Simmons had multiple spots and sequences together, but they were on completely separate pages and botched constantly. Building off that, there seemed to be a heat segment with Scorpio being beaten down for eons, since it was at least a fifth of the footage I saw spliced in. To make matters even worse, the finish was a total mess, with Sherri switching sides mid way through and Scorpio dropkicking the referee for no reason, just so Martel could interfere. As you can tell, this was pretty much a waste of time. I cannot rate it due to the clipping, but I assure you the rating would be quite low if I could.

Rating: N/A

      So that was Random Match Roundup #13! If you enjoyed, like, comment, and maybe even follow my blog. If you want to keep up with this site, my contacts and social media are here or in the sidebar to the left. Also, check out my work at Free Pro Wrestling, which is a great site where I and people more talented than I write about great, legal, free matches. I’m still working on the 90s AJPW Prologue, as this takes a lot of time. There are some really cool matches there, so I’m pumped to get around to watching them. I also plan on reviewing both the NXT show Wrestlemania weekend and Wrestlemania itself. Other than that, thank you for reading and see you next time.

Best Match of the Roundup: Bryan Danielson vs. Jon Moxley

Worst Match of the Roundup: Shane Douglas & Brian Pillman vs. Ron Simmons & 2 Cold Scorpio

-Terrance Smith

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