Random Match Roundup #11

Hell0 everyone! Welcome to the 11th Random Match Roundup and the first RMR of 2016. This is the segment where I review 5 random matches from anytime, anywhere, whether they be good, bad, or otherwise. Without further ado, lets get this underway!

Tomohiro Ishii vs. Tomoaki Honma (Sendai).png


Tomoaki Honma vs. Tomohiro Ishii – NJPW New Beginning in Sendai 2015

            This was a phychological masterpiece while also being a fun to watch match. Lets start with the psychology, which was absolutely incredible. The story was that Honma was the clear underdog with endless heart and fire, while Ishii is the stone cold bruiser who is just better. This was at play in every moment of this mach, from spot #1 to the final bell. The most impressive part of this to me is that they even structured their strike sequences to incorporate a Honma comeback, where he showed fire fighting back through Ishii’s strikes. That was not the onl part with superb psychology though, as pretty much every moment contributed to the story. The structure of the match also played into both the story and the characters. Ishii dominates most of the match, with Honma getting brief comebacks, but there was one long period of Honma control that really showed Honma’s heart and willingness to do anything to win. He even did a kokeshi from he top rope to the floor! However, Honma got a bit too comfortable and cocky in control, which gave Ishii the opening to comeback and punish Honma. While the psychology was clearly world class, the action was also awesome. As I said, Tomoaki Honma hit a kokeshi from the top rope, and while that was the best spot of the match, the entire match was filled with incredible action. From the stiff strikes to the hard hitting moves to the top rope moves, everything looked great and was very fun to watch. Overall, the work was incredibly fun to watch and the psychology and story was world class, so how can this not be a classic?

Rating: ****¾

The Wolfman vs. Tony Garea.png

Tony Garea vs. The Wolfman – WWWF Championship Wrestling 04/05/75

            I believe this is the weirdest match in Random Match Roundup history, and one of the most absurd matches I have ever seen. Firstly, why did this match go more than five minutes? Wolfman came out with some crazy headdress and looked like a killer, so why didn’t he go in there and squash Garea like a fly. On top of that, the action was so bad it was funny. Wolfman’s offense was just abysmal and some of his mannerisms were just plain weird. For example, he tried to escape Garea by spinning in circles around the ring as Garea chased him! That was crazy. His biting was much worse, as it just looked like Garea and Wolfman were making out passionately. Those are the more spectacularly awful moment, but the whole match was littered with little negatives. Bad punches were the most prevalent, but this whole match was a car crash in slow motion. I still don’t fully comprehend what I just watched, and I’m not sure how to feel. The wrestling was undeniably terrible, but it was charming and funny in the weirdest way. Overall, I am just very confused.

Rating: DUD        

Flamita vs. Rich Swann.png

Flamita vs. Rich Swann – DTU 2014

This is a spotfest in every sense of the word. Now, that isn’t a bad thing at all, but it definitely is a spotfest. Rich, interestingly enough, gets the heat early, but that is soon disregarded after they head to the outside. That led to dives, DDTs, and top rope maneuvers galore, which were all well executed. The spots peaked at just the right moments and crescendo to a finish that could have been great. Instead, they decided to anti-climax the match with a cheap roll up victory. Even though the finish leaves something to be desired, this match is a very fun and easy watch. There isn’t any long-term psychology, and attentive viewing is not needed. This is simply two high flyers using everything they have to wow the audience, which is exactly what wrestling needs to be sometimes.

Rating: ***½

Doug Furnas vs. Masato Tanaka.png

Doug Furnas (w/ Mr. Wright) vs. Masato Tanaka – ECW Living Dangerously

            With all this talent in the ring how can this be anything but good? I can tell you how, with botches and a confusing story. While the action was fine, with some nice strikes and brutal headdrops, the botches once the legwork ended were brutal. The miscommunication began with a tornado DDT that was ugly as sin, but escalates to awkward Irish whip sequences and more. Ugh. Also, the manager of Furnas looked like a complete asshat, as he told Furnas to get off Tanaka when he had Tanaka beat. Tanaka looks weak for Furnas having him beat, Furnas looks like a fool for listening to Mr. Wright, and Mr. Wright is just a total moron. The brutal, and I mean brutal, headdrops were the aspect that keeps this match from being completely awful.

Rating: *¾

Koko Ware vs. The Patriot.png 

Koko Ware vs. The Patriot – CWA 02/01/86

            I don’t know what caused this, but I watched “The Birdman” Koko B. Ware nearly kill a man. This squash match was so stiff it was unbelievable. Apparently Ware was pissed, because as soon as he left a collar and elbow tie up, he clubbed the Patriot with stiff shots to the neck. Then he clobbers and KOs the patriot with a lariat, and punches him on the ground. A few stiff soccer ball kicks and a nasty brainbuster later, the Patriot is finally done suffering. Ware was so pissed that he bitch slapped The Patriot during the pinfall! This is by far the best squash match ever, and one of the better sub 2-minute matches.

Rating: **½

So that was Random Match Roundup #11! If you enjoyed, like, comment, and maybe even follow my blog. If you want to keep up with this site, my contacts and social media are here or in the sidebar to the left. Also, check out my work at Free Pro Wrestling, which is a great site where a person more talented than I write about great, legal, free matches. As for the 1990s AJPW review series, I am working, but due to exams and studying, expect it not to  come out very soon. Other than that, thank you for reading and see you next time.

Best Match of the Roundup: Tomoaki Honma vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Worst Match of the Roundup: Tony Garea vs. The Wolfman

-Terrance Smith

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