WWE Hell in a Cell 2015 Review

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Hello everyone and welcome to my Hell in a Cell 2015 review. This card could either have some really solid matches and be very consistent, or suck and have no redeeming quality. Matches like Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella or Kevin Owens vs. Ryback could be good, but they also run the risk of a good worker, like Owens or Charlotte, being dragged down by an inferior worker, like Ryback or ESPECIALLY Nikki Bella. I pray this card turns out good for my sanity’s sake. Anyway, lets get the review underway!

Another great promo video starts this PPV, and hypes all the biggest feuds. I really love these videos, as they give me some ill-fated hope for these shows. We start off the show with John Cena’s open challenge. Cena cuts a promo hyping how he is the man to beat, and the US Title open challenge. The match is…

 Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena

John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio (w/ Zeb Colter)

            There is not a better word to describe this match than a slog, and I was very disappointed by how this match was structured. While there was a plethora of Del Rio’s most fun spots, like the enzuigiri to Cena on the top rope, everything between the biggest moments fell flat on its face. From the outset, it was clear this match was dragging, and it only got worse once they had to both sell the bigger spots. Early on there was way too much stalling, and in the middle they spent most of the match flat on their backs. I will admit Del Rio did some fun stuff, but it felt too choppy and sluggish to engage me. Also, Cena did nothing and was literally there to sell, make his comeback, and lose. While his comeback did pick up the pace, the match ended very soon after that in an anticlimactic way. This was such a disappointment, especially since Del Rio’s work in Lucha Underground and AAA has been very good.

Rating: **½

            On a sidenote, this is a very weird situation for Del Rio, WWE, and AAA. Del Rio is AAA’s Mega Champion currently, yet he is also working in WWE. Will he be forced to forfeit it? Probably, but wouldn’t it be a better idea to have Del Rio in AAA doing open challenges and kicking ass? This most certainly won’t happen, but its good food for though.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are backstage, and Seth Rollins enters and brags. Then Kane enters and apologizes, but Seth Rollins brings up their beef. There is some more talking to try and hype the main event tonight. Kane is so fucking smiley, and then he goes all scary. That was pretty dumb. A video package plays us into…

Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt – Hell in a Cell Match

            To me, this was a very solid, yet not great match. They did some solid spot, including one very good sequence transitioning from a Sister Abigail to the Superman punch, and there were some big, creative spots with weapons and the cage. They did some creative stuff and really tried hard with their hardcore spots, and I appreciate their work. The best part for me, though, was the early going, where Bray Wyatt just tortured Reigns with a kendo stick, and when Reigns got his revenge. Wyatt showed some underrated skills with psychology and his great grasp of his character. Even though WWE just gives Wyatt no substance, he knows how his character ticks and really does his best with that. Reigns also showed some decent personality, and was never just there. While this wasn’t the most layered match, especially as time went on, it was solid, good enough from two workers who are really starting to find their footing.

Rating: ***¼

Survivor Series, which marks the 25-year anniversary of Undertaker’s debut, is hyped, and another ad plays. On RAW, the faces, consisting of The Dudleys & John Cena, beat up the New Day post match. What faces… -_- Next up is a match with the greatest act in WWE right now…

The Dudley Boyz vs. The New Day

THE NEW DAY!!! (Kofi Kingston & Big E) (c.) vs. The Dudley Boyz – WWE Tag Team Championship Match

The promo prematch is the greatest thing ever. They treat it like Woods’ funeral, and Kofi tells us to put unicorn horns on our heads. Then Big E and Kofi rant about how even the percussion section are mourning the loss of a great tromboner trombonist trombone player. There are more antics, but I won’t spoil them. Watch this promo!

As for the match, it was fun. The structure was so basic and mundane it hurt, but the personality from the New Day and Buh Buh was exceptional. They used comedy so well throughout that it made up for a boring structure and an abysmal botch. Some of the antics were hilarious, and it was very fun for both the live audience and me at home. In case you want this match, I will not spoil the comedy, since that was the good part, but trust me, its good. There isn’t much else to say. It was a funny match, with mundane action.

Rating: **½

            A few ads play, and the next video game is hyped. A video package plays us into our next match, which is…

Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte

Charlotte (c.) vs. Nikki Bella – WWE Divas Championship Match

A little story. I wrote a review I hated for this match, but I decided to delete it. I will give the briefest of thoughts before moving on.

  • The back work was decent and made sense
  • Charlotte sold it well enough
  • There were a few fiery exchanges
  • The Alabama Slam on the apron looked cool
  • Nikki botched a lot
  • A top rope German was botched because Nikki grabbed Charlotte’s legs. That was really dumb.
  • Nikki missed a kick and slapped her leg anyway. -_-
  • Somehow, Nikki’s legs were all wrong in the last Figure 8 and it looked the dirt worst.
  • I hate Nikki Bella, find her annoying, and may be being hard on this match because of it.

That’s about it. It was an all right match that had some really annoying parts.

Rating: **

Paige and Becky Lynch come out to congratulate Charlotte on her win post-match. More ads play, and we see Reigns backstage. Ambrose comes in to congratulate Reigns for ending the feud with Wyatt. Apparently, there is something to announce on RAW the following night. I wonder what. After some celebrities are show, a video package plays, and we get…

Kane vs. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins (c.) vs. Kane – WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

            The best part about this match is that it’s over. This was so boring it hurt. I mean, there was no story at all in this match, and there were no real entertaining spots. Kane uppercutted Seth a few times, Seth did some stuff, Kane did some stuff, and then they finished. Rollins did his damnedest, yet I just couldn’t care, because there was pretty much nothing to sink your teeth into. The finish was flat as well. Kane has always been a poor worker in my opinion, yet he has gotten especially bad in recent years, and it show. This match sucks, and there’s nothing else to say really. Seth Rollins put on a great performance, won clean, yet the match was so boring!

Rating: **

A Susan G. Komen ad plays, and the Hell in a Cell kickoff panel says pretty much nothing. Next up is…

Kevin Owens vs. Ryback

Kevin Owens (c.) vs. Ryback – WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

            This was pretty good for the time it lasted, but there was another flat finish! Owens played his character perfectly, and Ryback used his power to try to fight back. Owens was constantly outsmarting Ryback the whole way through, and Ryback tried to neutralize it with raw power. However, as soon as the match got going, Owens hit the pop-up powerbomb to win. I’m not sad, because this match was solid and dense, but it was a little out of nowhere. However, Owens if finally past Ryback, and hopefully he can get some good opponents.

Rating: **½

A good package hypes some NXT documentary, and then Alberto’s return is recapped. After the cell descends and a video package plays, we get our MAIN EVENT!

Brock Lesner vs. The Undertaker

Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker – Hell in a Cell Match

            Man, this was a breath of fresh air for WWE. There was blood, brutality, a real fight feel, and a clean finish. Rarely in WWE since 2008 or 2009 have we seen matches like this, and in such a clean cut company, having blood and real fight feel is so great. There was no cute spots where they goofed around, or grappled for ten minutes. They went right out for the kill, and they used brutality in a different way. Where in most hardcore matches plunder is what makes the match brutal, in this match they used fists and ripping up the ring to add real brutality. The little things worked, like Lesnar taking off the glove before punching Lesnar, and the overall tone of hatred and brutality added so much. While Reigns and Wyatt was a good plunder match, this was a brawl with a big match feel. This may not be a MOTYC or a 5* match, but I needed this match. I finally feel refreshed after such a bad show.

Rating: ****

Post match was pretty great too, with Undertaker giving him some props subtly before falling flat on his back. What a great wrestler he is, huh? Undertaker gets a standing ovation as he struggles to sit up. The Wyatt Family enters, because apparently this feud isn’t over bitches! I liked their ‘Mania match, even if I overrated it a bit, so I’m not too mad about this. The Wyatts surround the ring and attack ‘Taker. The Wyatts, lead by Bray, take the Undertaker out of the arena. Close Curtain.


            This show blew. There were two matches that broke 3*, and everything else was **½ or lower. While both Hell in a Cell matches were good or great, everything else was a complete barren wasteland. This is Starrcade ’89 levels of bad, and I am sick of this shit. WWE PPVs are so bad that I can’t even handle it. At least all the feuds ended clean on this show, or I would be flipping shit. Find the main event and maybe the Reigns vs. Wyatt match, and avoid everything else.

Rating: *¼

That was the WWE Hell in a Cell 2015 review. While this show blew, there will be some reviews of quality shows in the future. The reviews of the final two stages of PWG BOLA 2015 will be reviewed in the next few weeks, and then I will return to my Starrcade series. Also, a RMR will come out in the next month, and I have some fun matches in store. Other than that, I have started writing for Free Pro Wrestling if you want to read. This site is fantastic, and I highly recommend checking it out. Other than that, my contacts are here or in the sidebar to the left. Other than that, thank you for reading, stay tuned for more, and I hope to see you next time.


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