WWE Night of Champions 2015 Review

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Hello everyone and welcome to the WWE Night of Champions 2015 review! I have pretty neutral expectations for this show; it could be very good or quite awful. The undercard actually is pretty stacked, with Ryback vs. Kevin Owens & New Day vs. The Dudley Boyz being potential standouts. However, Rollins vs. Sting could suck something fierce and Rusev vs. Ziggler having completely awful booking. Really, all I hope is that the booking on this show doesn’t make me dead on the inside, and the wrestling is solid to very good. Anyway, on to the show!

Like always, the show starts off with a fantastic video package that should be commended. It is absolutely shocking what these editors can do with the storylines they are provided. They actually succeeded in making this show seem important, which is a miracle. If nothing else, watch the video packages, because they are world class. Right away is the opener, which is…

Ryback vs. Kevin Owens

Ryback (c.) vs. Kevin Ownes – Intercontinental Championship Match

            This was a very solid match, which was really smartly worked. It was essentially Owens’ armwork vs. Ryback’s power, and Ryback’s selling really helped sell this story. He stayed as a threat because he was still able to use some power moves, but he also sold his arm consistently throughout. The spots in this match also kept it interesting, because neither guys was afraid to take some crazy and brutal spots. The finish, however, left a little to be desired and made Owens look a little weak. That is essentially the story of his WWE run however; poor booking crippling his early career. Good match, however, which starts the show on a good note.

Rating: ***

An ad for the Brock Lesner tour shows, which announces a match between ‘Taker and Lesner at Hell in a Cell. The announcers then try to describe the Ziggler/ Rusev mess, which doesn’t help all that much. I’m definitely not excited for how this match is going to be booked. Rusev gets interviewed and says he wants to destroy Dolph Ziggler and calls Lana a goldfish. Then, it is revealed Summer is wearing the earrings Ziggler gave to her. SWERVE!!!!! Next up is…

Rusev vs. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev (w/ Summer Rae)

            This match started good, but then dragged on and on until a completely moronic finish. The early goings could have been a match in itself, as Rusev got the heat, then Ziggler made a fiery babyface comeback. This all was great, because Rusev killed it as a 80s style heel, and Ziggler was very good at garnering sympathy, and making a comeback. Then these two went into boring WWE fair where it was literally just move, kickout repeat for what felt like years. It was bland to say the least. But the finish most of all ruined this potentially good match dead. There were two moments where Rusev being completely idiotic almost cost him the match, which totally eviscerated him as a heel. He thought a nearfall was three, and celebrated his false victory forever, and then he got distracted by Summer on the apron, got hit with her shoe, and Ziggler pinned him. After this match I remember why I didn’t review the last two PPVs in their entirety.

Rating: *½

Another ad plays, and then we see Nikki Bella with Team Bella and Charlotte with Team PCB and Ric Flair prepping for their title match separately. A short video of former WWE Tag Team Champions plays before our next match, which is…

New Day vs. Dudley Boyz

The New Day (w/ Xavier Woods) (c.) vs. The Dudley Boyz – WWE Tag Team Championship Match

            The promo pre match where the New Day vouches for Table rights (#savethetable) is 5*. Watch it right now. It is by far the best thing on the show.

This match is too awesome to really describe. On the surface it’s just a regular heat segment tag team match, but the New Day makes this match exceptional. Their antics are amazing, and had me laughing multiple times. The ways Xavier and his trombone reacted to the action going on in the ring were so good I won’t even spoil it. That is not to say the action wasn’t good, though, because there were some really nice spots, and one was legitimately brutal. Overall, above average actions and hilarious antics make this an above average match.

Rating: **¾

Post match, Xavier gets a table, but the Dudleyz are able to reverse the beatdown and 3D Woods through a table. An ad plays for a show on the WWE Network that has to do with NXT. Next up, some of the greatest Women’s champions in WWE history, which is hilarious because there is only 4 greats. Then, a video package plays recapping the Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella feud, which, even with the WWE’s best editors work, still looks completely illogical. That is the sign of a bad feud. Our next match tonight is…

Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella (w/ Team Bella) (c.) vs. Charlotte (w/ Team PCB) – Divas Championship Match – Title Can Change Hands Via Countout or DQ

            This was Nikki Bella’s best title defense BY FAR and another feather in the cap of Charlotte. The story was simple, but effective, where Charlotte tweaked her knee early, and Nikki went after it like a shark smelling blood. Charlotte sold incredibly well, had fantastic facial expressions, and was tremendous as the babyface fighting from underneath. Nikki was still sloppy and awkward, but her work was focused and enhanced the story of the match. Charlotte’s comebacks were timed perfectly, and the finish was simple and well done. Charlotte impressed tonight, and put out the best Divas match in a while.

Rating: ***¼

Charlotte celebrates with both Team PCB and her father Ric Flair. We cut to another God forsaken ad, before a Kevin Owens promo occurs. Owens cuts a very good promo that sold the importance of the title win, and continues the best character n WWE. We cut to a panel that I skipped because I was behind in the show. I return with the announcers hyping the Shield-lite vs. The Wyatts. Charlotte, Ric Flair, and Team PCB cut an awkward but charming promo where they plan a celebration. It was a riot. A video plays recapping the Reigns & Ambrose vs. Wyatts feud, which leads us into…

Wyatts vs. Ambrose, Jericho, & Reigns

The Wyatt Family vs. Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, & Chris Jericho

            Very fun match that succeeded in making everyone look good. This was a pretty basic 6-man tag match setup, with the heels taking the heat, but the Wyatts killed it, and did a phenomenal job getting the faces over as having heart. Then, Jericho gets the hot tag and it goes into another gear. Everyone does what they do best and hit an assortment of fun sequences and moves. Strowman showed off his power, Ambrose showed his chaotic nature, Jericho was able to run through his signature spots, Wyatt emphasized his character, and Harper was able to show off his unique offense. The finish came where Jericho, who wasn’t familiar with his partners, makes a bad decision and costs his team the match. This whole match was logical, action packed, and a load of fun.

Rating: ***¾

Jericho storms out because he cost his team the win, and then ANOTHER FUCKING AD PLAYS. STOP IT! STOP WASTING MY TIME! I ALREADY SAW THIS AD AND I PAYED TO WATCH THE SHOW! STOP! The Authority tries to motivate Seth Rollins, and Rollins cuts a decent promo. Sheamus comes out, hinting at a MITB cash in. A video respects the history of both the US Championship and the WWE Championship. I like these. Its very IWGP of them. A video package plays hyping Rollins’ title reign leads us into…

Seth Rollins vs. John Cena

Seth Rollins (c.) vs. John Cena – United States Championship Match

            This match had a very good story and a great performance by Rollins. Rollins wanted to end the match early to conserve himself, so he worked very fast and furious to try and end the match. He threw everything at Cena early, and Cena kept firing back, trying to keep up. This lead to some very nice sequences, and good nearfalls. Rollins also got to show off some impressive power down the stretch as well. I would complain about the finish and how it negates last month’s match, but WWE sucks so much I can’t find a fuck to give, positive or negative. If you actually care, it probably wasn’t good. Anyway, great, smartly worked match with a meh finish.

Rating: ****

Rollins tries to escape with the WWE title, but Cena keeps Rollins near the ring and AAs him on the floor. That was very heel of Cena. -_- Next up is…

Sting vs. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins (c.) vs. Sting – WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

            This match is shocking in how good it is. Man, both guys put it all out there to try and entertain the audience. Sting was like a shark who smelt blood early, taking the fight to Rollins, but Rollins was able to gain the advantage and Sting took some nasty bumps. When I say nasty, I mean nasty. He did things that people in their 20s wouldn’t do, like diving off the top rope to the floor. He killed it, and made this match something special. Rollins also put in a stellar performance, executing moves with tenacity and not skimping on nasty bumps himself. Shockingly, Rollins did not have to carry Sting to a good match, because Sting brought his A game. Watch this match just for Sting alone.

Rating: ***¾

Sheamus runs in with the MITB Breifcase and Brogue Kicks Rollins. He is about to cash in when… Kane. I quit. I’m done. I don’t care. Kane chokeslams Rollins, and if this means title match for Kane, I might need a new WWE PPV reviewer. He chokeslams Sheamus as well. Kane tombstoens Rollins and I don’t give a fuck. Kane is 48. Why should I care? I’m done.


            Like every WWE PPV, there is good action, but but the booking makes me want to die. I hate WWE because they can squuander the most talented roster on earth. If Jado & Gedo, or Excaliber & Super Dragon got their hands on some of this talent… but I digress. I think the end of this show sums it up. A 56 year old just challenged for the WWE Title, and a 48 year old is next in line.

Overall Rating: I honestly don’t care because the booking just kills me.


Well, that was WWE Night of Champions 2015. If you want to review WWE PPVs for this site (I can’t pay you, but I’m serious when I say the position is open), my contacts are here or on the sidebar. I will still review this God forsaken company if I don’t get a new, quality reviewer, but believe me, if I get one, I’m done reviewing WWE. That will be a happy day, Thanks for reading and see you next time.

-Terrance Smith

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