Random Match Roundup #8

Hello and welcome to Random Match Roundup #8! I am sorry but I have decided to cancel my Summerslam review, since it has been such a long time since the show, and it would be so outdated. I also assume you guys want Starrcade reviews more than random WWE PPV reviews, so this cancelation will clear some time for that. Don’t worry, if you are so curious to see my thoughts on Summerslam, I will probably put some matches in a future RMR down the line. Anyway, lets dive in to our first match!

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 7.13.38 PM

Do Fixer vs. Blood Generation – ROH Supercard of Honor

            This is one of the times in wrestling where everything just clicked. The wrestlers were on the same page, the action was crisp and smooth, the commentary perfectly complimented the match, and the crowd was molten down the stretch. These six men used the standard tag team formula and flipped it on its head. There was a heat segment, but it was filled with some of the best tag team maneuvers and combos I’ve ever seen. Also, the action was just non-stop; no one ever slowed down. From the opening bell there were sequences that filled me with shock and awe in the best way possible. That’s not to say the work wasn’t smart, because, to be frank, the psychology was brilliant. The faces were super flashy in bursts, but the heels used numbers, and nefarious means to keep the advantage. Down the stretch, however, everyone went balls to the wall, which led to awesome action that, in my opinion, has never been paralleled. Were there too many kickouts? Maybe. Do I care? No. This is one of, if not the, most fun matches in wrestling history, and the best thing is there are no botches. Honestly, if you don’t at least enjoy this match, find a new hobby, because this is a joy to watch.

Rating: *****

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 7.22.30 PM

Curt Robinson vs. Sozio – CZW MBA The Memory Remains 2

For a match that only went around 6 minutes, this ruled. It reminded me of matches in Japan where veterans, like Shinjiro Otani or TAKA Michinoku, initiate and work over the young boys. Sozio was the Otani in this match, and Robinson was the young boy. Both guys knew their roles, and played them exactly how they should. Sozio worked a little stiff and snug, testing the young lion, while Robinson showed heart with a few hope spots and multiple kickouts. Robinson tried to use his amateur wrestling pedigree, but Sozio used pro wrestling tactic to neutralize it. The best part is, Robinson is 15 years old and a rookie IN HIS FIRST MATCH, yet he is already crisp, and has great timing. Holy Christ, this guy can become something in the wrestling world. Color me impressed, because a nothing match turned out to be really good. I just wish it were a bit longer, which may have made it something truly great.

Rating: ***

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 7.25.16 PM

Dragon Lee vs. Kamaitachi – Lightning Match – CMLL Lucha Azteca 1/24/15

This was an action packed 6 minutes of wrestling. At only six minutes, these two packed in intensity and fast paced action. I could tell in the first seconds these two hated each other, since they went right at each other with slaps. Since this match has a time limit, both guys were desperate, and hit high impact moves as much as they could. This was logical, and such a fast pinfall make sense. The finish played off a spot earlier in the match, and kept either wrestler from looking weak. This wasn’t spectacular, but it was a serviceable 6-minute match.

Rating: **½

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 7.30.25 PM

Myzteziz vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. – Dream Match – AAA Triplemania XXIII

            This was exactly what I expected from both these guys. They hit some crazy spots, and had some fun action, nice nearfalls, and a decent finish. Myzteziz played a (not so) subtle heel throughout, bringing lots of intensity. Myzteziz craved respect from the veteran, so he brought the fight to Rey, and started beating the hell out of Rey. After some high impact spots, Rey Mysterio got pissed, and brought the fight to Myzteziz. He went after the mask, dove off the top rope, and tried to end it. This led to a nice finishing stretch where each guy trying for both his, and his opponent’s finisher. The one huge flaw that stands out above all else is the referee. His count went from slow, even by lucha standards, to fast. I cannot tolerate horrible inconsistent counts. Also, he waiting forever before even trying to get in position, ruining some pivotal nearfalls. He was the dirt worst, and hurt the drama down the stretch. Other than that, this was very good, maybe even great, and is worth a watch.

Rating: ***¾

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 7.32.57 PM

Jesse Barr vs. Roddy Piper – Portland Wrestling 07/19/1980

            This is the definition of a match that just was. It happened, I watched it, it’s over, and now I’m not watching it. There was no real story to speak of, and both guys did the most basic of maneuvers. Piper was pushed as the veteran by the commentator, but never really did anything to show that. If anything, Barr wrestled more like the wily veteran than Piper. Barr smartly sucker punched Piper on the floor, and got the heat on him around the 7-minute mark. Weird, man. I did enjoy how they tried to make this match action packed, with a lot of rollups by Barr, but nothing really did much for me. That might be because there were multiple awkward moments and poorly executed spots. For example, Roddy and Jesse did some kinky rolling 69 out of the ring (featured in the photo above), and Roddy jumped up and down, humping Jesse in the corner, punching him. An abysmal looking finish, and clubbing blows that looked ugly as sin make this even worse. The more I think about it, this was pretty bad. Avoid this for your own good.

Rating: *

That was RMR #8! I hope to have a Starrcade ’88 review out soon. Also, I swear I will review the next WWE PPV. I SWEAR. It is my goal. Anyway, thank you for reading. If you want to contact or complain at me (rightfully so) for canceling the Summerslam review, my contacts are in the fancy new sidebar, or right here. Anyway, thank you for reading, and see you next time!

Best Match of the Roundup: Do Fixer vs. Blood Generation

Worst Match of the Roundup: Roddy Piper vs. Jesse Barr

-Terrance Smith

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