WWE Battleground 2015 Review

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Life is too short. I think we have all heard that phrase throughout our lives. I bring this up because I forgot Battleground was on Sunday night, but life is too short for me to watch the whole show. WWE does not deserve my time or my effort analyzing this whole show. I will review the matches that interest me, but that’s it. Let’s be honest, why do I need to review a match like R-Truth vs. Wade Barrett. These two have been in the ring together 47 times!! They wrestled on TV 29 times (including Battle Royals). This match is probably about **¼ and boring. What’s the point? Instead of boring you all, I will write reviews on the matches I care about, and for every match I skip I will write something that you should watch/read/do instead. Lets get started!

The opener is Sheamus (MitB Briefcase holder) vs. Randy Orton. I have decided to watch this.

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Sheamus vs. Randy Orton

            Sheamus is a very talented performer in the ring, and Orton can be one of the best in the world if he wants to be. With this much talent in the ring, it was nearly impossible for this match to be below average. It was obvious these two weren’t going all out, but they worked hard enough to have a good match. There was no overarching story to this match, it was pretty much two guys just going at it to see who was better. Sheamus did get the heat early, which was well done, and the crowd stayed with it. Also, a little wrinkle through the middle was these guys playing off how they have wrestled before, and countering many signature spots. This wrinkle did not last however, and it was dropped long before the finishing stretch. That was disappointing, since this match was really lacking a cohesive plot. Another flaw would be that, even though it was fun to see these two throwing moves at each other, none of the nearfalls were convincing or created suspense. Really, all the joy I got from this match was not from brilliant psychology, exceptional workrate, or convincing nearfalls. I liked this match because watching two talented stars that actually feel important in WWE trade big moves is a fun novelty.

Rating: ***¼

I have decided to skip New Day vs. Prime Time Players. Instead, I recommend…

Something to Read this Summer: Rhapsody by Elizabeth Haydon


Above everything else, this book is interesting. It stars Rhapsody, a namer whose songs can protect people from fire, heal people etc., and Grunthor and Achmed, two vicious warrior, assassin type people who are on the run from an evil power. This is a fantasy story that stretches across an expensive, and lively world at two different periods in its history. The way it allows characters to bend time is fascinating, and very fun to see. This book is not perfect, though. A very slow 100 pages in the middle hampers the pacing, and exposition dumps that literally last 2 chapters bombard the reader with confusing knowledge. Also, the word choice can be seen as very pretentious, and may turn some people off. Even with all this, the characters are well-developed, and the journey is so interesting that I recommend you come along for the ride.

Rating: ***½

Just in case you care, the Prime Time Players won. Next up is Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns, that I have decided to skip as well. Instead, I’m going to recommend…

Something to Watch this Summer: Inside Out


If you want a mature, heartwarming family movie this summer, you can do no better than this. This movie analyzes the struggles of middle class life, and late childhood into teen years with astounding maturity. It is able to put the emotional struggles of a young girl, named Riley, front and center by personifying her emotions. It also shows how hard parenting can be, especially when the child begins to become independent. Most shockingly, the shift from childhood to adolescence is portrayed very well, and hits all the right emotional notes. The way the emotions affect the people puts reason behind feelings every human has had. Honestly, I am trying to spoil as little as possible, because everyone, young and old, should see this. It was a really special movie.

Rating: ****½

Next up is a match I actually want to watch…

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 12.32.14 AM

Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte vs. Brie Bella

            Matches like this will make divas more than a bathroom break. Honestly, everything clicked with these three, and they worked their hearts out. Sasha and Charlotte looked to eliminate Brie from the equation so they could continue their rivalry from NXT. Like the opener, this wasn’t heavily based in story, but the action more than made up for it. Charlotte and Sasha strung together great, action packed sequences, and Brie was stiff as hell. Why is she not in Nikki’s role? (Sidenote: Prepare for Nikki rant) Brie is far and away the more talented Bella, but that isn’t saying much. She has the catchphrase, even though its shit, and she has better in ring ability, even if she isn’t that good. Nikki is a complete void. She gets go away heat, has a cap of about **½ for her matches, is insanely annoying and does not have a basic grasp of wrestling psychology. Rant over. Anyway, Charlotte and Sasha got to show off their exceptional ability to the WWE Universe, and the right person got the win. This is the best divas match in forever, and is legitimately very good!

Rating: ***½

It there any question that I’m watching our next match, which is…

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 11.39.26 PM

John Cena (c.) vs. Kevin Owens – US Title Match

            This is a hard one to rate. Without any context, this is just as good, or even better than the last two matches in the series. However, we’ve seen this match twice now, and, it’s starting to feel a little drawn out. I feel that, if this was at Summerslam, it would feel a lot fresher, since it would be farther removed from the first two. All that aside, this was a great match. The story of this series was that both guys had to throw everything they had and more to put the other away. It evolved nicely where even Cena’s new tricks, like the springboard stunner, failed. This prompted a constant evolution of strategy throughout the match. Also, seeing Owens mock Cena is always a joy. Now, the biggest flaw of the match is the finish. Remember how I said in my Cena vs. Owens Saga Review “If [Owens winning the next match] doesn’t happen, so help me god…” Well, so help me god… Why did Cena win, no, why did Cena NEED to win? He’s John Fucking Cena. Nothing will hurt his status at this point. All this stands to do is hurt Owens. The way they did it was especially dreadful. Cena uses everything he has, but it isn’t enough. This would be a perfect opportunity for Cena to diversify his moveset with a new finisher, or Owens to make a final stand and just get the win, but of course they don’t do that. Cena just locks in the STF and makes Owens tap. This doesn’t kill Owens, but it hurts him a bit. He seems to have become a guy who can talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk. That’s a shame, because Owens is so talented that he should both talk a big game and back it up. Now, it is rumored that Ownes has nothing for Summerslam, and it seems Cena will go for the WWE World Heavyweight Title, and hurt Seth Rollins in the process. This is why I can’t get invested in WWE. It’s just depressing, and there is always gloom and doom. *sigh*. This was a great match with a finish that sucked something fierce.

Rating: ****¼

Finally, it’s the MAIN EVENT!

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 12.24.46 AM

Seth Rollins (c.) vs. Brock Lesner – WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

            This was pretty good. Lesner dominated like usual, but Rollins looked better than I thought he would. I’m not saying he looked good, since he tried to run away, and it looked like Brock had him beat, but he wasn’t totally buried. He got a decent amount of offense, and showed fire by slapping Lesner. Now, the finish would have been alright if we saw Rollins kick out. That would have made Rollins look strong, while also allowing the non-finish they were going for. Now, onto Undertaker. It makes sense that he would be pissed that Lesner beat him at Wrestlemania XXX. It was good enough and made sense. There isn’t much else to say really. 

Rating: **¾


I didn’t watch the whole show, but everything I saw was good. The opener was surprisingly fun, the Divas put in a great effort, Owens and Cena told one hell of a story (until the finish), and the main event was decent. I cannot rate this, since I didn’t see all of it, but what I saw was worth watching.

Rating: N/A

Well, that’s Battleground 2015! I had fun reviewing the non-wrestling stuff, so if you want me to do more of that, tell me. Also, the Starrcade 1987 review is currently in the works and will be out soon. There are a few important announcements there, so check it out! Anyhow, thank you for reading, and see you next time.

-Terrance Smith


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