Kevin Owens vs. John Cena Saga Rereview


Hello and welcome to the Rereview of the John Cena vs. Kevin Owens saga! As this feud is very recent, and still ongoing, it is hard to gauge how impactful it is. One thing is for sure, though. Owens is a made man. This feud with Cena is the absolute opposite of most Cena feuds. Instead of dropping hot new stars into obscurity, it elevates a great wrestler into a potential blossoming megastar. These two matches were originally my top 2 WWE MOTYs, but will it hold up after rewatch. Lets find out



Kevin Owens (c.) vs. John Cena (c.) – Champion vs. Champion Non-Title Match – WWE Elimination Chamber 2015

            After watching this a second time, I remember why I love it so. This is the reason why I believe Owens is permanently one of the top stars in WWE now. This match was structured in the best way to showcase Owens. It showed he could not only hit a punch, but also take a punch as well. This match started very slow, but the work done early to establish Owens’ cockiness and ability to beat someone up is necessary. Soon, though, both guys just start to throw bombs at each other, and desperately try to finish each other off. It was spot, kickout, spot kickout, which I know some people don’t enjoy, but it had a purpose. The two reasons both guys used everything they had and more was, firstly, to sell the magnitude and importance of the match. These guys would not use EVERYTHING if it didn’t matter a lot, which sells the crowd on the match. Also, it shows how durable Owens is. Owens can take everything WWE’s golden boy has to offer and more, which cements him as an important figure. Just about everything in this match is wonderful, and great. I’m not positive I can give it 5* again, but its damn close.

Original Rating: *****

New Rating: ****½

Difference: -½*


Kevin Owens (c.) vs. John Cena (c.) – Champion vs. Champion Non-Title Match – WWE Money in the Bank 2015  

This match was even better than the last. They waste little time with dilly-dallying, and get into the meat of the match very quickly. The story this time was that these guys know each other now, and some of their arsenal won’t work this time. This leads to some great callbacks to the previous match, and really exciting moments. Also, Owens was cockier this time, as he beat Cena definitively last time. This all leads to some great spots, one involving Owens running through Cena’s 5 moves of doom, and fantastic nearfalls. I also love how the intense competition forces both guys to pull out new move to try and beat the other. Its little moments like that which can make or break a match’s psychology. With all that praise, I hate the finish. After over 24 hours, I’m fuming for two reasons. Why does Cena need the win? He gains literally nothing, and Owens loses his first match already. Imagine, for a second, if Owens beats Cena clean twice. That would make him a megastar. Instead, he loses. That’s it. Also, WHY DOES WWE NEED TO HAVE EVERY FEUD BE EVEN ALL THE TIME! If two guys face each other, they either need to a.) have a bullshit finish so no one gets over, or b.) have the person who lost get their win back in a rematch. This booking gets NO ONE OVER. WWE creative has to be one of the worst creative teams in history. The fact that they fucked this feud over at all is pathetic. I’m glad a rematch is set up so Owens can go up 2-1. If that doesn’t happen, so help me god… Anyway, amazing match, but stupid booking hampers it. This should be 5*.

Original Rating: ****¾

New Rating: ****¾

Difference: 0*


Well, that was the Owens vs. Cena feud so far. I can only hope Owens wins the next match, but, with WWE, you never know. Anyhow, if you want to contact me, or follow me on social media, click the link As always, thank you for your time and see you next time!

-Terrance Smith

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