WWE Money in the Bank 2015 Review


Welcome to the Money in the Bank 2015 review. I first want to apologize for the lack of content last week. Last week was very rough for me, so wrestling became my last priority. Now, however, everything is back to normal, and I’m ready to review! With that said, let’s get to the show.


The show starts with the whole roster on stage to pay tribute to the recently deceased Dusty Rhodes. RIP to a true legend, and one of the biggest wrestling icons.

A great video package recaps the biggest feuds on the show, and hypes the Money in the Bank match. The show opens with…


Dolph Ziggler vs. Neville vs. Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus vs. Kane – Money in the Bank Ladder Match

            Let me just preface this review with a ROMAN REIGNS TANGENT

I have said negative things about Reigns in the past, but it was always about his booking. Before anyone calls me a hypocrite, a.) I always liked Reigns; I just didn’t think he was ready b.) When I called him a “green rookie” (in my Wrestlemania XXXI review), I was wrong, and retract such statement, and c.) over the past few months Reigns has become a really good all around talent that would be good near the top of the card. With that said, it would have been a good idea to give him the briefcase. Now, on to the match.

This match was a lot better than the Tag Team Elimination Chamber, and the IC Championship Ladder Match at ‘Mania. The spots were spaced out throughout the match well, and this match wasn’t just people getting their shit in and leaving. They transitioned from spot to spot, and built to everything they did very well. Kane didn’t add much, but everyone else played their parts and added to the match. The issue I have is the finish, which is par for the course in WWE. After my tangent, it should be clear I like Reigns, and his build after ‘Mania. It would be logical to give him the briefcase to add tension between him and Rollins and Ambrose. Instead of forwarding a compelling program, however, they instead throw him in a meaningless feud with Bray Wyatt that will benefit no one. Wyatt seems like the guy who gets stuck with anyone creative doesn’t want to book anymore. Is Cena stuck with nothing to do? Throw Wyatt at him so Cena can bury him. Is Ambrose getting too over? Throw Wyatt with him to cool him down. Is the Reigns, Ambrose, Rollins dynamic too compelling? Throw Reigns with Wyatt for God knows why. Then, after that Russo-esque SWERVE, they give the win to Sheamus, the stalest guy on the roster who isn’t Big Show or Kane. Bleh. A legitimate great match that ends with bleh. WWE in a nutshell.

Rating: ****


Paige cuts a horrid promo where she overacts like hell. Her tone, and emphasis was all wrong, and her pronunciation sounded awkward. Then it ends with “For you Dusty” out of nowhere. What the hell was that? Next is…


Nikki Bella (c.) vs. Paige – Divas Championship Match

This was actually a pretty good match for a while! Nikki played the role as the cocky heel well, and Paige made some good face comebacks that got the crowd invested. It was simple psychology, but it worked like a charm. There were some decent nearfalls, even though finisher kickouts in an 11-minute match is a bit much, and Paige looked like a star. Some issues are, first, the buildup to some bigger spots, like Paige’s dive off the apron, was non-existent, and made those spots feel unimportant. Also, and this is a weird, but important one, the transitions from Paige being on offense to Nikki being on offense was awful. Instead of a reversal, to allow Nikki to sell a move, she essentially just said, “You just kicked me in the mouth? Let me just no sell that and hit you with a random move.” That hurt the flow of the match, as well as the selling of the match. Finally, the finish was a Dusty finish. I hate harping on this, especially since Dusty just passed, but I loath the Dusty finish. I never want to see it again. Other than that, good match, and one of the best main roster divas matches in a while.

Rating: **¾


An add for the shitty WWE prank show plays before they recap Ryback winning the title, and Big Show KOing Miz. Next, Miz enters and cuts a decent promo, garnering some cheat heat by bashing Ohio, and complaining about Big Show screwing him out of the IC title. Miz is hilarious at playing an indy movie actor; he just sounds so pretentious. This leads to…


Ryback (c.) vs. Big Show – Intercontinental Championship Match

            This match wasn’t too bad. I actually kinda liked it. It was a hoss fight that started hot, and had a few decent moments. The Meat Hook into a Chokeslam looked crisp and great, and the cross armbreaker was weird, but made sense, since Ryback would want to stop Big Show from using the KO punch. The psychology was good, with Ryback trying, but not being able to, hit the Shellshock, but since he hit it Monday, it was ultimately dumb. The end wasn’t good either, since Ryback looking beat doesn’t help at all, but the DQ made sense and wasn’t too awful. I’ve seen much worse matches, that’s for sure.

Rating: **


A guest star on RAW and Tough Enough is hyped. Tough Enough has never produced a star, has it? My point is, WHY WOULD ANYONE SIGN UP? EVERY WINNER HAS BEEN A FAILURE! A video package plays us into…


Kevin Owens (c.) vs. John Cena (c.) – Champion vs. Champion Non-Title Match

            These guys are the perfect opponents for each other. They are the definition of foil characters, and they mesh very well. This match has a real big fight feel, even before the bell.

This match was freaking amazing. Man, just wow. Everything about it was great. The offense was back and forth, and the spots were phenomenal. The characters were great and the nearfalls were stellar. I’m going to hold back all my gushing, because I feel that I need to rewatch both Owens vs. Cena matches and review them later this week. Really, the most important thing to know is this is great. I don’t love Cena winning, but Owens is a made man. Whats not to love?

Rating: ****¾


Cena hands Owens the NXT belt, they shake hands, and Cena raises his hand. Then, Owens kicks Cena out of the ring, and powerbombs him on the apron. GREAT CHARACTER WORK. Owens is the most consistent character in wrestling. He even does an evil laugh as he walks to the back. I love this. I love this so much. I can’t wait to watch it all over again.

Next up is a WWE shop commercial, and an add for Total Divazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. This leads to a promo with Dean Ambrose, who is my boy. He cuts a great promo about celebrating with the WWE Title, getting screwed by the Authority, and how he is the true WWE Champion. Even though the title getting stolen is an overdone cliché, it works really well with the Rollins, Ambrose, Authority storyline. I liked this promo a lot. A tribute to Dusty plays, which I love. Dusty is honestly one of the best of all time. I haven’t watched much of his work, but I can’t wait to watch more due to this website. RIP. This leads to…


The New Day (c.) vs. The Prime Time Players – WWE Tag Team Championships

This match was very basic. The New Day takes the heat, Titus makes the comeback, then they go to the finish. Not really too much to say. I will say that Big E has been doing that spear through the ropes for a year, and he is seriously going to die because of it. It was a match.

Rating: **½


They cut to the pre-show panel, who recap the show before its even over, and hype the main event. Then they cut to Sheamus winning the MitB Briefcase. A video package leads us to our MAIN EVENT!


Seth Rollins (c.) vs. Dean Ambrose – Ladder Match – WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

            This match was not built on crazy bumps, and unbelievable violence, but solid psychology, and smart work. These guys worked a slow, steady match for almost 40 minutes, which I adored. Rollins would gain the advantage through crafty acts while Ambrose would gain the advantage through brawling and chaos. Rollins used leg work (yes there was limb work in a ladder match), and Ambrose sold it to perfection. The leg was utilized for many major spots, and added to the match tenfold. That’s not to say there weren’t crazy spots, though. There were dives off ladders, backdrops through ladders, and just overall brutality. The fact that these guys worked for nearly 40 minutes in this environment is spectacular, and incredibly unique. The finishing sequence was brutal, violent, and a fitting end to this war. If the crowd was alive, it would be a MOTYC.

Rating: ****



Any show with 3 matches hovering around 4* is must watch. Owens vs. Cena was another MOTYC, the MitB ladder match was very good, and Ambrose vs. Rollins was an incredibly unique and interesting ladder match. Everything else was skippable, but watch those 3 matches.

Overall Rating: ***½


That was Money in the Bank 2015! I hope you enjoyed! Expect the Owens vs. Cena rereviews at some point this week, and potentially a Starrcade review or RMR. If you want to contact me, go to the link https://myjourneythroughwrestling.wordpress.com/contacts/. As always, thank you for your time, and see you next time!

-Terrance Smith

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