WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 Review

Hello everyone and welcome to the Elimination Chamber 2015 review! This card looks pretty stacked; there are 2 nice looking chamber matches that could be awesome car crashes, Owens and Cena is a legitimate dream match which was built up great, and two of my favorite wrestlers going at it for the title continuing the best feud of last year. Lets see how this show is!


An awesome video package starts the show and hypes the major matches. It was very short, but got the job done. Our announcers are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL, which is one of the worst commentary teams ever. Our first match is…


The New Day (c.) vs. The Lucha Dragons vs. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro vs. The Prime Time Players vs. The Ascension vs. Los Matadores – World Tag Team Championship Match – Tag Team Elimination Chamber Match

Sidenote: Let me just say, Cesaro looked like a complete badass during his entrance.

This match was a car crash, plain and simple. There was no great psychology, or real “wrestling”, but there were crazy, death defying spots that were all right. I would have liked this match if the spots were all hit crisply, and were well executed, but most of these spots were sloppy or had awkward setups. That is what puts good spotfest (like most MitB, or many Dragon Gate) above an average one. Also, the two teams who did the most exciting stuff, the Lucha Dragons and Cesaro & Kidd, were eliminated too early so The Ascension and the Prime Time Players could look good. It was a train wreck, mindless and fun, but not really well executed.

Rating: ***


We get some hype for the Money in the Bank PPV, and see Dolph win the World Heavyweight Championship. Then, it is announced that Rusev will not be in the Intercontinental Title Elimination Chamber match due to an injured foot, and they show footage of the injury from Smackdown. Next is Lana and Dolph backstage, where Lana tries to prepare Ziggler and wishes him well. I didn’t expect to say this, but Dolph and Lana are good actors, even if their script is less than stellar. This leads us too…


Nikki Bella (c.) vs. Naomi vs. Paige – Diva’s Championship Match

            These girls worked really hard. They were very ambitious, and Nikki and Paige bumped like hell. Nikki was dropped hard a few times and ate some stiff knees from Naomi, while Paige took a crazy looking neck bump off a reverse hurricanrana. That doesn’t mean this was good though. In good conscience I can’t call this good, because it was sloppy as hell, and some spot calling was really bad, but good effort. However, effort doesn’t make good matches.

Rating: *½

Sidenote: If the divas are to be taken seriously, they need to be a lot crisper. The reason many people don’t #givedivasachance is because they aren’t crisp, or good. Ambition doesn’t make good matches alone; it takes good-looking offense and not botching every other move. That’s just me though.

After thanking a band for the theme song to the show, a wonderful video package for our next match plays. That leads us into…


Kevin Steen Owens (c.) vs. John Cena (c.) – Champion vs. Champion Non-Title Match

This match was absolutely phenomenal. The story was both guys are so good that there whole arsenal couldn’t put their opponent away. These two did everything, and kicked out of everything, and that was okay. Cena lost nothing, and Owens became one of the biggest wrestlers on the planet. The nearfalls down the stretch had me shaking like I was in the arctic, and the sequences were phenomenal. Owens stole some of Cena’s moves, and Cena pulled out stuff he rarely does. Owens was such a great cocky dick, and Cena played a great foil. I could gush all day about this match. This is WWE MOTY and may be the overall MOTY for me. 5*

Rating: *****


Owens cuts a phenomenal promo telling John he is old and washed up and it is now Owens’ time. We then cut to the Pre-Show panel, who hype the main event. Next up is…


Bo Dallas vs. Adrian Neville

Bo Dallas cuts an awesome promo before the match. I could listen to him cut promos all day. This match is two former NXT champions fighting after the current NXT Champion beat the biggest wrestler in the world. This was a very solid match. Bo abused some rest hold early, but the action was kept fairly constant. Neville was very fast paced when on offense, and Bo was all right when in control. It was shockingly good for a popcorn match. Too bad the announcers wouldn’t pay attention.

Rating: **¾


Reigns and Ambrose are backstage, when Triple H tells Reigns that if he gets involved, Ambrose will be disqualified. The question is, is he still at ringside or is he just not allowed to do anything? This segment just confused me. This leads to Daniel Bryan being featured, and his retirement (is it a retirement or just a break) is recapped. This leads to…


Sheamus vs. Ryback vs. R-Truth vs. King Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. TBA Mark Henry – Vacant Intercontinental Title Match – Elimination Chamber Match

            What just happened? Seriously, what happened? This match started really well, and some sequences were really nice, but once Mark’s pod door entered, the match fell to pieces. Barrett was eliminated at the wrong time; no one knew what the fuck was happening, and no spots worked at all. It was clear that the match was being called on the fly, and Dolph called most of the second half on the spot. Give him all the money. Sheamus intestinally got the door stuck while all the guys stalled really poorly. Sheamus entered, cleaned house, and soon it was just he and Ryback. That was sloppy, had no impactful maneuvers, and just blew. This match was slow, plodding and a mess. It felt like when in a play, a scene goes horribly wrong and all the actors try to improvise. They tried to improvise, but it was a boring mess.

Rating: ¼*


Daniel Bryan congratulates Ryback in a paint by numbers promo, and presents him the title. Money in the Bank is hyped with Seth’s MitB journey being shown. Then, the announcers announce some matches, and competitors on the card. They announce Owens vs. Cena II, which is way too soon. COME ON!!! A video package plays for the next match (which is one of the best videos in a while), and we get THE MAIN EVENT!


Seth Rollins (c.) vs. Dean Ambrose – WWE World Heavyweight Title Match

            FUCK THE DUSTY FINISH!!! It hasn’t ever been done well because it sucks as a whole. It is just a cheap way to end a very good match. These two worked hard in front of a dead crowd to try and got them invested, just for that. There were many nice, crisp, and impactful sequences, but I just feel jipped. The Dusty finish has never done any good for any one ever, so why does anyone do it. Great match completely marred by a horrid finish.

Rating: ***¾


Rollins, J & J Security, and Kane maul Ambrose before Reigns makes the save. Dean and Roman leave with the title while Seth is irate. Ambrose celebrates in the crowd as the curtain closes.


            This show was a mixed bag. There were a few horrid matches, some good matches a very good match, and a MOTYC, but some matches absolutely suck and the booking was appalling. If you like in ring action and that’s it, this show is very enjoyable, but if you like logical storylines, avoid this. Watch Owens vs. Cena and Ambrose vs. Rollins until Ambrose pins Rollins.

Overall Rating: **¼


That was Elimination Chamber 2015. I am currently working on a RMR, and Starrcade 1985 review should be out next week. If you need to contact me, all my contacts are at https://myjourneythroughwrestling.wordpress.com/contacts/. Thank you for your time and see you next time!!!

-Terrance Smith

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