Wrestlemania XXXI Preview

WrestleMania XXXI Preview


Welcome to my preview of the biggest show in wrestling this year. On this show, WWE wants to make a new star, two icons fight in a match that would have been better years ago, Undertaker returns after losing the streak like nothing happened, and Daniel Bryan is shoved in a worthless multi-man ladder match. Here are my predictions for what I’m going to look for in the show.


The Preshow Matches:
I probably won’t watch these matches, but I expect the Tag Team match will be fun and the Battle Royal will be much worse than last year. That is all, because I cannot muster the energy to care.

Predicted Tag Match Winner: Kidd & Cesaro

Predicted Battle Royal Winner: Big Show


Intercontinental Tag Team Ladder Match:
After years of this title stalling careers I have to wonder why anyone would want it. I think this will end up being the opener so the show can start off hot. Expect Ziggler to take some wacky bumps and everyone (with the possible exception of Truth) to work their asses off. Picking a winner is pretty hard since none of these guys are clearly being pushed. This won’t go more than fifteen minutes, but it is sure to be a wild ride.

Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose


Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins:

            I think Rollins will work his ass off to ensure this match is good, but Orton’s performance could make this match great. If Orton tried and doesn’t use boring rest holds every five minutes (like in the Reigns match), this could be great. I think J & J Security will interfere and allow Rollins to steal the victory. In closing, this match has the possibility to be great if Orton pulls his weight.

Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins


Rusev vs. John Cena:

            This is another match with tons of potential if Cena pulls his weight. Rusev can work and delivers in big match situations, but I’m not positive Cena will. He’s very inconsistent and could either be really good, or he just his comeback and his finisher and wins. I think Rusev will kick out of an AA, but WWE can’t do the right thing and give Rusev the win. They are not capable of having Cena lose at two PPVs straight, because why create new stars. Expect a good match, but also don’t be surprised if this match halts Rusev’s momentum.

Predicted Winner: John Cena


Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt:

I don’t have high hopes for this match. Bray does have good psychology and Undertaker is an all-time great, but ‘Taker is really old and Bray hasn’t proven he can carry anyone. This could be good, maybe even great, if ‘Taker is in better shape than we think, but don’t count on it. In reality, this will probably be a slow, plodding match with a few cool spots. Expect Wyatt to win because, without the Streak, Undertaker has nothing left to lose.

Predicted Winner: Bray Wyatt


Triple H vs. Sting

This match would have ruled in 2001, but I’m not so sure in 2015. Triple H is still in good shape, but Sting’s body has deteriorated over the past 10 years. The real story of this match is whether Sting will wear a t-shirt or not. I expect pageantry and some cool sports-entertainment spots, but not too much substance. I hope this ends up like Rock vs. Hogan instead of Sting vs. Hogan.

Predicted Winner: Sting


AJ Lee & Paige vs. Bella Twins:

This match is in the death spot for a reason. I don’t care about this match. I think Nikki is the Diva’s champion, so I will give the win to the Bellas.

Predicted Winner: The Bella Twins


Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesner:

            Roman Reigns is exactly what is wrong with WWE. When fans cheer for someone, they try to bury them at the expense of someone who is muscular, but is way too green to be successful. I’m not mad that Daniel Bryan isn’t in the main event, I just think its stupid to bury your most unanimously over and popular stars (Ambrose, Bryan, etc.) in the undercard. Reigns can be the top guy if they give him time and proper feuds. Anyway, rant over. As for the match, Brock will get cheered in spite of himself and Reigns will be booed. The action will be decent at worst, but the crowd might bury this match. Reigns will win, unless Brock signing changes Vince’s mind, and he will become the next John Cena in WWE’s eyes. I don’t think Rollin will cash in, especially since he will be cheered if he cashes in on Reigns, but you can never know if Vince has common sense. This is the most important match on the card because it could either give WWE a “new top star” that is forced or keep the best title reign WWE has had in years alive. This is going to be interesting.

Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns


In closing, I am NOT looking forward to this show. The production will be awesome, like usual, but the matches have a great chance to be very boring. The Main Event is the only thing that has some huge long-term potential, and even then, it could cause something horrible. I hope this show pleasantly surprises me, but I’m not convinced. Be sure to follow my Twitter @allthewrestling  and then come back here to see my review as soon as I can get it out. Thanks for reading!

-Terrance Smith

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