WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Review

Royal Rumble 2015 Review


Hello everyone and welcome to my WWE Royal Rumble 2015 review. Lets not waste any time and get started!

The PPV opens with a video hyping the Royal Rumble and the opportunity to main event Wrestlemania

The New Age Outlaws cut their promo and the Ascension enters


The Ascension vs. The New Age Outlaws

This is a pretty boring match. Ascension gets the heat, Billy Gun makes a comeback, and the Ascension hits their finish. It’s the basic tag team formula with no real innovation.

Rating: *3/4


There were a few ads hyping the Steve Austin Podcast and recapping Raw. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon cut a promo essentially saying, “We own WWE and Sting can go back to WCW”. Paul Heyman enters and suggests having Lesner fix their Sting problem.


The Miz & Damian Mizdow vs. The Usos (c.) (WWE Tag Team Titles)

Sidenote: I can’t believe how far Sandow has fallen. He went from being Money in the Bank winner to undercard comedy gimmick. That’s what a John Cena burial will get you!

            This was a pretty good match and I enjoyed it a lot. It was like a – Young Bucks match, which is fitting because the Usos are a – version of the Young Bucks, but that isn’t an insult. It guarantees at least an entertaining match, which this was. I could have lived without 2 finisher kickouts but that’s a minor gripe. A major gripe, however, is that I’ve seen the Uso formula a million times and it’s getting stale fast. Still, good match.

Rating: ***


There was a segment at the PPV panel and they hyped some of the matches later tonight. We cut to J & J Security advertising WWE Immortals (which you can buy on your mobile device) and Rollins says his time is now.


The Bella Twins vs. Natalya & Paige

            Paige and Natalya are good. The Bellas still aren’t. The crowd couldn’t have given two shits about this match and neither did I. The match was only made worse by having the finish come during the heat. Lets just say, we’ve seen three tag team matches and only one was good.

Rating: *

There is a promo for a behind the scenes show tomorrow for Wrestlemania XXX. It looks pretty cool. There are a few promos for the Royal Rumble that are all generic… EXCEPT MISDOW’S. He is the bomb.

A cool promo plays before our next match…


Seth Rollins vs. John Cena vs. Brock Lesner (c.) (WWE World Heavyweight Title Match)


I am very conflicted about this match. One hand, this was pretty epic, fast paced, had great suspense, and told a good story. On the other hand, this match was filled with boring wrestling clichés, like the stretcher spot and the match being mostly a rotational one on one match, and constant heel interference. Also, finisher kickouts were excessive to the point where Austin and Rock were saying, “that’s too much, guys.” Overall, I think this match is very good to great. Brock was fantastic, even if him no selling was essentially kayfabe killing. Also, Rollins didn’t look out-of-place at all in this match and this could maybe help put him over. Probably not, though. I guess the legacy of this match will be in the follow-up. If the Lesner push is wasted on anyone except a new top star, this match will be worthless. If Brock puts over a young guy and makes a new star, this is awesome. For now, though, it’s pretty great.

Rating: ****

An ad for WWE Fastlane leads to the Royal Rumble by the numbers video.


2015 Royal Rumble Match

I was going to have some fun with this review but I’m gonna do that tomorrow. This match was dumb. So dumb. SO DUMB! WWE made the same mistake 2 years in a row by screwing Daniel Bryan. That killed the crowd. Worse, though, was that after Bryan left, nothing happened. All the cool moments happened in the first half of the Rumble, so the fans had nothing to sink their teeth into. They got into guys like Ziggler and Ambrose but the damage was done. Reigns was booed mercilessly and everyone who fought him cheered. The worst thing for WWE, though, was that the crowd showed more apathy than hate. Now WWE is screwed. They have killed the crowd completely and forced them into apathy. Overall, the first half of the Rumble was fun, but once Bryan was eliminated, the crowd died and the match died too. I can’t wait to see the recovery tomorrow

Rating: *



This show was bad, plain and simple. There was a chance, but the Rumble killed all hopes of a good show. Watch the triple threat but avoid the rest.

Overall Rating: **


Make sure you stay tuned because tomorrow I will have an article on the stats of the 2015 Royal Rumble. Thanks for reading and see you next time!

-Terrance Smith

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