2015 Royal Rumble By the Numbers Part 2


Hello everyone and welcome to part 2 of my Royal Rumble by the Numbers series. Lets jump on in.

Number of Returns:3 (Bubba Ray, DDP, & Boogyman)

I was really underwhelmed by the lack of big time returns in this match. Bubba and DDP are good but in a Rumble with such little star power, Boogyman seems like an odd choice. I really hope the WWE utilizes Bubba as a singles star moving forward because he is so talented. I doubt it, though.

Number of Former/Current Tag Teams That Drew #1 & #2: 4 (Ax & Smash ’89, Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie ’98, The Miz & Alex Riley ’12, Miz & R-Truth ’15)

This is an interesting stat that counts the tag teams that drew #1 and #2. Miz has fought his tag team partners in the Rumble more than anyone else, with two partners of his facing off with him.

Percentage of Wrestlers who Eliminated someone in the Rumble: 30% (9 people)

Only 30% of people eliminated people in this years Rumble. They were, in order of entrance, Bubba Ray, Bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan, Rusev, Roman Reigns, Kane, Dean Ambrose, Big Show, & Dolph Ziggler

Elimination Leaders: 1.) Bray Wyatt, Rusev, & Roman Reigns (6)

2.) Kane & Big Show (4)

3.) Dolph Ziggler (3)

4.) Bubba Ray (2)

5.) Dean Ambrose & Daniel Bryan (1)

*The number inside the parenthesis indicates the number of eliminations

Number of People Who Got Pops After Daniel Bryan’s Elimination: 6 People (Mizdow, Ryback, Dean Ambrose, Bad News Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, The Rock)

After Daniel Bryan left, the Rumble died. These are the people who got cheered after Bryan was eliminated. Interestingly enough, Ryback was cheered because he clotheslined Reigns and Rock got turned on soon after the initial pop.

Number of Stars Created: 0

This Rumble has gotten nobody over because of the horrible booking of Bryan’s elimination. It’s not Reigns’ fault though. It’s the WWE’s fault. Don’t blame Reigns, blame the booking team, blame Triple H, blame Vince McMahon, and blame Vince’s yes men.

That was the WWE Royal Rumble 2015 by the Numbers! Thank you for reading and see you next time!

-Terrance Smith

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