2015 Royal Rumble By the Numbers Part 1


Hello everyone! Welcome to The Royal Rumble 2015 By the numbers. This article is of the stats of the 2015 Royal Rumble, from eliminations to returns. Lets begin!

List of Entrants & who eliminated they eliminated

1.) Miz

2.) R-Truth

3.) Bubba Ray Dudley (eliminated Miz & Truth)

4.) Luke Harper

5.) Bray Wyatt (eliminated Bubba, Harper, Boogyman, Sin Cara, Zack Ryder, & Daniel Bryan)

6.) Curtis Axel

7.) Boogyman

8.) Sin Cara

9.) Zack Ryder

10.) Daniel Bryan (eliminated Tyson Kidd)

11.) Fandango

12.) Tyson Kidd

13.) Stardust

14.) DDP

15.) Rusev (eliminated DDP, Fandango, Adam Rose, Mizdow, Big E, Kofi)

16.) Goldust

17.) Kofi Kingston

18.) Adam Rose

19.) Roman Reigns (Eliminated Goldust, Stardust, Titus O’Neil, Kane, Big Show, Rusev)

20.) Big E

21.) Mizdow

22.) Jack Swagger

23.) Ryback

24.) Kane (Eliminated Ryback, Dolph Ziggler, Wyatt, Ambrose)

25.) Dean Ambrose (eliminated Titus O’Neil)

26.) Titus O’Neil

27.) Bad News Barrett

28.) Cesaro

29.) Big Show (eliminated Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, Swagger)

30.) Dolph Ziggler (eliminated Barrett, Cesaro, Wyatt)

Total # of Eliminations: 28

Stars not Eliminated: Curtis Axel & Roman Reigns

Winner(s): Roman Reigns (official), Curtis Axel (Unofficial)

I have decided to split this article into 2 parts. Part 2 will feature the more creative stats that will focus on the smaller details of the match. Hopefully its a little less dry than this. Thanks for reading!
-Terrance Smith

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