Random Match Roundup #1

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my Random Match Roundup. I’m going to be reviewing 5 random matches that I have watched recently and give a quick review of them. I like this format better than single match reviews so you’re going to see more of this in the future. Lets get started!


Timothy Thatcher vs. Oliver John (SWF Ring Warrior’s Revenge 2012)

This was a wonderful match filled with great grappling. The story was that both guys were equals and could get the upper hand at any point. That led to some great back-and-forth sequences between the two. When Thatcher got the heat on Oliver, he played a fantastic face in peril. Also, the crowd was HOT in this match. Everything that was done during the match got a reaction from the crowd. Oliver was great at garnering sympathy from the crowd. Thatcher was also fantastic in this match. He sold everything Oliver did like a champ and was great at irking the audience. There are a few flaws I have with this match, though. First, Oliver was horrible at calling spots and I heard him clear as day three or more times throughout the match. Also, the finish caught me off guard and came out of nowhere. Even with these flaws, though, this is a match everyone should hunt down and I certainly recommend it.

Rating: ***3/4

04 AR Fox & The Inner City Machine Gunns vs The Unbreakable F'n Steen Machines

The Unbreakable F’N Steen Machines vs. AR Fox & The Inner City Machine Guns (PWG All Star Weekend 9 Night 2)

What an amazing match this was. There was great comedy, a wonderful little man vs. big man dynamic, and INSANE action. Speaking of action, these 6 guys destroyed each other for our amusement. Stiff strikes, impressive feats of strength, and flips and cutters galore filled this match. There was nonstop excitement from bell to bell that made this match awesome. The only real problem with this match is that PWG has spoiled us with matches like this so many times that this has become blasé. Still, this is a phenomenal six-man tag match. If you are fans of any of these men or want to see a really fun match, look no further.

Rating: ****1/4


Go Shiozaki vs. Joe Doering (AJPW New Years Wars 2015)

This is a sure fire MOTYC for 2015. This match was amazing and everyone should watch it now. Go was great as usual and played a great little man, but Doering absolutely stole the show. His selling, strikes, and facials brought this match up so much. He just made himself a star for AJPW. One of my favorite spots was when Doering no sold 3 DDTs from Go. That gave me goose bumps. In closing, this is going to be one of the best matches of the year, no doubt. If you don’t watch this, you are missing out. Watch this now.

Rating: ****1/2


Scott Steiner vs. Triple H (WWE Royal Rumble 2003)

Was this a bad match? Yes. Does this deserve all the hate it gets? Maybe. To be honest, this match wasn’t too bad for the first half. It was pretty typical Triple H fare and had a good story. If I only saw the first half of the match it would be rated **3/4. The second half is what everyone remembers. Stalling, countless belly-to-belly suplexes (which caused the crowd to turn on the match), and overbooking killed the match. The end saw Triple H cheating every way possible before hitting Steiner with a sledgehammer for the DQ. Steiner immediately gets the heat back by beating up Triple H. As I said, the first half was decent, probably **3/4, but the ending was a DUD. I’ll take the average.

Rating: *1/4


The Outsiders vs. Sting, Randy Savage & Lex Luger (Bash at the Beach 1996)

This was near perfection and a masterpiece of storytelling in wrestling. From the promo before the match, to the match itself, to the post match promo, this was perfect. The heat in the match was fantastic, especially with the atmosphere created. This felt like the biggest, most important match from the onset. Hall and Nash worked the crowd perfectly, garnering sympathy towards Sting, Luger, and Savage. The post match segment was flawless; Hogan’s promo was brilliant and the trash thrown added so much to this match. The only flaws I can find are some sloppy moments in the match, a little stalling, and the commentary was hit and miss. (Sidenote: Heenan yelling at Hogan “Is he the third man” almost ruined the moment. This is one of the only times Heenan should have just been quite.) Other than some minor gripes, this was fantastic and everyone should watch it, both for historical significance and great psychology.

Rating: ****3/4

And that’s the end of my first Random Match Roundup. Make sure to check out https://myjourneythroughwrestling.wordpress.com/contacts/ to see how you can contact me or follow my social media. Thank you for reading! Thank you for reading and I hope you continue to follow My Journey Through Wrestling.


Best Match of the Roundup: The Outsiders vs. Sting, Lex Luger, & Randy Savage

Worst Match of the Roundup: Scott Steiner vs. Triple H

-Terrance Smith

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