Stan Hansen vs. Vader (Super Fight in Tokyo Dome 1992)

Stan Hansen vs. Vader (Super Fight in Tokyo Dome 1992)


Hello everyone! This is my first wrestling match review. Since this is my first review, I might as well start with one of the most brutal and infamous matches of all time. This is the match where Vader gets his eye popped out and still finishes the match. Lets see what this match has in store.

Match starts right away with a brawl before the bell. Both men lock up and Vader hits a series of forearms. Stan and Vader trade forearms before Hansen is pushed into the corner. Clean break. A lock up and some punches are traded. Vader pushes Hansen into the ropes before Hansen jostles Vader into the corner. Vader hits some strikes to escape the corner. There was a nasty short arm forearm from Vader that rocks Hansen. Hansen and Vader exchange elbows and stiff slaps before Vader backs Hansen back into the corner. Vader takes Hansen down with a nice fujiwara armbar. Vader breaks the hold and OH SHIT THERE IT IS! VADER’S EYE IS SCREWED! Hansen advances and VADER LOOKS PISSED. Vader hits an Irish whip and splashes Hansen in the corner. Vader’s eye looks so screwed up. Hansen hits a snapmare and locks in a rear chin lock. STIFF punches and forearms from Vader break the hold but he misses a splash into the corner. There was a gorgeous backdrop driver by Hansen that dropped Vader right on his neck. Vader reverses a headlock into an Irish whip and nails a body check to Hansen. Hansen pops up and hits a shoulder block, which knocks down Vader. Vader rolls onto the floor and Hansen follows him out. Vader is thrown into the ringpost and gets whipped into the guardrail. Hansen gets laid out with a stiff lariat. Vader drapes Hansen over the guardrail and body checked Hansen into the crowd. Hansen and Vader return to the ring and Vader hits some short arm forearm to the gut. Vader seems to be furious and he lays in some brutal strikes. Both men brawl from the ring to the floor, back into the ring. Back in the ring, Vader hits a power slam for a near fall. Vader goes up to the top rope and hits a top rope body check for a near fall. Some hard elbows to the prone chest of Hansen get Vader another near fall. Vader hits some of the stiffest goddamn strikes I’ve ever seen before getting off an Irish whip and a lariat. Hansen stumbles to the floor. Vader misses a body check and collides the ring post, which gives Hansen a reprieve. Both men enter the ring and Hansen hits some kicks, stomps, and knees. HANSEN JUST KICKED VADER IN HIS FUCKING EYE! HOLY SHIT! On the floor, Hansen shoulder blocks Vader in to the audience. Some strikes are traded but its clear Vader’s eye is really bothering him. Back into the ring, Hansen hits an elbow drop and pin but Vader gets his foot on the rope at 2. A back elbow from Hansen drops Vader but only gets him a near fall. Hansen signals for the Lariat but his Irish whip is reversed into A DROPKICK FROM VADER! How can Vader do that move with ONE EYE! They trade strikes before Vader hits possibly the nastiest lariat I’ve seen. Hansen returns the favor with a stiff lariat of his own. Brutal elbow shot from Vader sends both combatants tumbling to tow floor. Some head-butts and forearms are thrown by Vader before they both tumble into the audience. Both guys brawl through the audience until the match is thrown out.

This match was absolutely brutal. Both guys took a beating, which makes this match very enjoyable. There were a few slow patches, however, but I will cut them some slack since Vader nearly lost an eye. Lets dwell on this for a second. A man had HIS EYE KNOCKED OUT but still wrestled a stiff match for nearly 15 minutes. It was absurd the beating Vader took. Hansen even kicked his freaking injured eye! In return, Vader also tried to kill Hansen with stiff forearms and lariats. The finish was less than stellar but I can look past it. These two men wrestled a wonderfully violent match and it is definitely worth a watch.

Rating: ***3/4

-Terrance Smith

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